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Suncity Casino has been around in gambling market for quite a while and gradually getting popular among Malaysian since a couple years ago. Asides from other popular casino platforms that powered by Playtech, Suncity casino introduces a different system that allows player to choose in between classic slot games and innovative casino video games. Gamblers need something new to play as time passes and Suncity casino answers it perfectly with a series of classic slots and another series of free-style casino games.

Playing online casino games in Suncity casino implies you have probably already signed up to a real money casino website account, however there are free play in c9bet website and downloads around. The free demo slot machines are great fun, offering free entertainment, some require a java download to operate and others download is not necessary. You could try out Suncity casino games before decided to spend real money on betting table.

Online casino games may be an ant in a mole hill in the internets core, but they are easily accessible places to reach, and the only place to get lost is deciding which website to play. Suncity casino is definitely one of the best places right now to get in some betting action in Malaysia. It offers difference style of casino games comparative to other casino provider, and that distinctive differentiate Suncity casino among numerous online casino platforms.

Both Suncity casino download of mobile and desktop versions are available so you can play within the comfort of your own home, or play online casino while you are on the move. Having able to play Suncity casino on mobile is better than web-based casino as you need not depend on high internet speed to load audio and graphic of particular casino game. What a great way to spend your time when travelling on the train to work or waiting in long queues, or to pass through a rainy or hot day at home. Join Suncity casino today! Get the hottest casino apps on your smart phones.

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1225 reviews

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Ocean King 2


Ocean king 2 also known as (Tembak Ikan) has three different kinds of gaming rooms, rookie, normal and club. You can find the premium Ocean King games in Suncity Casino, GW99 and Playboy88 Casino Platform. Gaming rooms are separated according to several betting limits. Players are given a set of weapon and allowed to change their bet anytime within the betting limit.

There are three types of weapon, normal shooting speed, accelerate shooting speed and, the sniping weapon that always aims for the target. The better weapon requires more bullets to shoot which dry up your betting credit faster. However, it gives higher return if use it wisely to capture higher odds’ fishes.

There are 15 kinds of fishes which carry bonus odds from 2 to 100, some of the fishes might appear in giant form which give extra bonuses if successfully captured. Besides, there is a series of golden fishes that giving bonus odds from 50 to 100. Dragon, Golden Whale and Jellyfish known as the three aces in the game giving 100 to 500 bonus multipliers randomly.


Players gain extra bonuses vary by type of special effects when successfully capture fishes that carry effect as below,

Vortex Fish- A whirlpool applies inverse forces throughout the screen and pull all same species to the black hole.

Lightning Fish- Lightning chain form an electric fishing net and catches any fishes within the area until eventually runs out of power.

Bombing Crab- Chained bomb triggered within a specific time to make a huge explosion in the selected location. All species within the wide bombing radius will be captured. The bombing crab is one of the biggest jackpots in Ocean King.

Laser fish- Players are allowed to use powerful laser shot in a specific of time. The laser shot has high chance to bring down any targeted fishes.

Drilling Crab- A drill piercing through the selected area and has higher chance to catch fishes within the drilling range. Moderate radius of explosion after a while.

Sand Storm- Players gain extra bonuses and multiplier if successfully capture any fishes within a specific time. May obtain additional time and multiplier during sandstorm duration.

Freezing Field- Capture the fishes that carry freezing effects will catch the same kind of fish.