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SCR888 Casino is known for its long history in casino slot machines, exclusively the classic horses racing betting game in Malaysia. However, gamblers today in Malaysia are more interested in monkey king game.

This game is known for its huge winning payout besides betting styles are very different from conventional slot game. Many of the online gambling sites host virtual casinos replicating a casino floor, the lobby and include live banking facilities to allow deposits and withdrawal from the online account.

A lot of these sites offer bonuses in the form of free money, game tickets, software or gifts to join the game. There are numerous famous online casinos that are reputable and deemed safe to do business with and SCR888 Casino is the number one online gambling platform to look for slot machines.

Links to SCR888 Casino can be found advertised on sporting websites and other gambling websites that offer additional gambling software. Many poker websites help each other and assist online casinos with links and the online casinos return the favor.

Further links can be found are on the online gambling media websites. SCR888 gambling magazines can be bought in the shop advertising links and reviews.

Some publications are related directly to slot machines containing links and reviews to SCR888 online casino slot machines. In fact, there are also some professional reviews and tips to place your bet on online casino slot machines.

Most gambling magazines have an official website with bonus material and are certain to contain links to a selection of online casino games.

The analyses of various individual slot machines can go into depth and also tell you how often the machine is played and which online casino sites the machine resides. SCR888 Casino often get decent reviews from analysts and remarkable for their innovative casino slot games. The free to play option of SCR888 Casino has successfully place itself among one of the top casino gaming sites.

Despite slot machines are slowly fade since the emerging of online slot machines, SCR888 slot machines are still available at some local casino lounge clubs in Malaysia.

Player may choose between land-based slot machines or online SCR888 casino slot games.SCR888 Casino download are available on both iphone and any mobile devices powered by android. Players may play casino games anytime, anywhere at their convenience. Sign up for SCR888 Casino today and get in some horse racing actions.


SCR888 Malaysia Bonus Promotion

As SCR888 brand name is becoming more popular every single day, players constantly looking for bonus promotion that available in the online casino market in Malaysia.

However, many of them got scammed by some phishing casino websites that offer up to 50% deposit bonus and over 1000% welcome bonus. Bonuses are great in some ways but most of those companies do not pay their players whenever a player win big money. Players are advised not to play in those websites especially when similar offers are available at C9BET without any risk.

C9BET offers bonus promotion from 5% to 20% from time to time without any required turnover.

Winning payment has never been an issue since C9BET is one of the most established and trusted online casino around Malaysia that well known for its full slot bonus payment as well as fast withdrawal process time. Play SCR888 at C9BET, risk free with guaranteed payment.


Advantages of SCR888 Casino Slot Games

There are many casino slots and games in the market in recent years. Yet, people tend to choose SCR888 casino regardless.

According to researchers of C9BET, there are some exceptional factors of SCR888 to stand out in the whole casino industry and become the leading online casino brand of Malaysia.

Hereby, we listed out 5 core advantages of SCR888 that we believe these are the most important features that lead SCR888 to success.



Innovation back in the early 2000s was truly limited, there were many casino games in the market and most of them implemented similar engines and formulas.

Classic slots game was among the oldest and most common slots game in many landed casinos and online casino lobbies. Many different slots games were available but not many differences in terms of game play.

At times, progressive slots game was introduced and widely accepted by players. However, everything stalled at that point for quite some time. The next few years after that were like a transition window without any real online casino development.

The major issue was lack of creativity and many of the game developers refused to be the first to take the risk. They introduced so-called new games that were more or less similar to classic & progressive slots game.

SCR888 managed to grab this golden chance and created a new trend of online gambling by releasing a few innovative & fun casino games and effectively engaged casino markets in style.

Monkey Thunderbolt was one of the popular innovative SCR888 games in the industry that earned a place in gamblers’ heart. The game sounds the commencing horn for online casino revolution era. SCR888 continued to spur innovation in every aspect ever since then, expanding the casino game category from live games, PvE to PvP features.


Superb Graphic and Gameplay

Graphic has been one of the key features of SCR888 casino games. The designing team put on a lot of efforts into 3D graphic and jackpot animation design.

They work on every texture detail and continuously improve the image of newer version casino games. Earlier this year, they reworked most of its older version games’ graphic to provide an enhanced display, especially on larger screen devices.

The improved designs allow players to place their bets on multiple window modes too. What is particularly noteworthy and impressive is that SCR888 has been thoroughly improving the jackpot animation in the game.

Now, the app is available on iPad and support 3k and higher resolution display.


Fun Casino Music

Many casino operators overlook the effect of having entertained music in their games. SCR888 understood that music is one of the psychological factors that keep people continues playing casino games.

The music itself acted like an enzyme to release all stresses and at the same time produces exciting entertainment value to players. Fun music worked like an emotional support to encourage players to continue placing their bet. Therefore, SCR888 has a very strict policy on gaming music.

Each of its game has a long music playlist compiled by a number of latest hit songs. Online casino players will never get bored as time passes and more likely to spend more time in the game. SCR888 did not stop at there just yet, they updated gaming music every few months to keep their games on track with the latest pop songs.

Online casino player would love to keep playing all day long without them even aware because it’s too fun to play!


Games Variety

Online gamblers have a habit of trying their luck on different casino games, one window closes, another opens.

You will never know how much you could win in another game. Having said that, SCR888 has a various variety of casino games available from conventional slots game, monkey racing game to the latest arcade betting games.

The management monitors casino markets attentively and always response to market demand in shortest time. They study the game, improvise it and then release it in SCR888 version whenever there is a new game in the market. Now, it comprises of live games, slots games, fish shooting games and arcade games.

The variety of games is good enough to fulfill any type of online gamblers around.

Moreover, player to player platform will be introduced as well in near future as the popular ‘cow cow’ wechat casino game is now on their demo server and shortly it will be released on main server.


Responsive Server

There is no time for wait! People want as fast as instant access to every single game in SCR888. However, casino operators at Malaysia faced major connection speed issue due to the laws and regulations of the Malaysian government.

Casino operators were not allowed to set up servers in the country, therefore many of them opted to set up their server abroad.

The distance between server and user directly affected download speed and game play of online gamblers. SCR888 was among the first company to solve this problem by speeding up their data transferring with cloud server technology which significantly shortened the time to load up any data from the game server.

Besides, the casino app was designed to load static data from CDN server that located at Singapore. The CDN servers addressed most of the connection issue and provided full scale of DDOS & backdoor protection to the main server. Today, SCR888 casino server is known as the best in terms of security and speed with multiple backup servers across Southeast Asia to cope with hundred thousands of online casino players.


How to win at SCR888 Casino

There are a few tricks that could increase the odds of winning games in SCR888 Casino. First rule, patient is the virtue of winning.

Strictly discipline in gambling may bring fortune. Stay calm and remain strong-minded, even when half of the capital has been lost. Do not get panic and attempt to win back all the losses in next few bets.

Apparently, it doesn’t work that way and usually cause even bigger losses and eventually all money.

Second rule, consistent money management. Always remember that luck is the one thing that decides gaming outcome. Do not increase bets without any sign of luck. Stay cool and keep waiting to get to win more recent betting games than usual. Double or triple wager after that and stop playing when the luck faded.

Most SCR888 players who win always stick to these rules, learn in the process and live with it.


Popular Games

According to C9BET database, three SCR888 games that make up to the top three on the first quarter of 2017 are monkey thunderbolt, bonus bear and highway king. The popularity of these games has gained some real momentum over the last few months.

Surprisingly, bonus bear game came on top in giving free spins to players and contributed 26.6 percent to total winning jackpot by players for the first quarter in 2017.

However, monkey thunderbolt was still the most played SCR888 game in 2017 despite lower winning pay out. The game has marked a record of average 3000 spins per day at C9BET. Beside these three, the popularity lists were followed by great blue and safari heat slot that fairly popular over other games in SCR888 Casino.


RTP – Return To Player (Microgaming)

As many of the games from SCR888 connect to Microgaming, a UK based casino software platform provider as well as casino gaming software developer.

Microgaming is an award winning casino developer and SCR888 players will be proud to know that they are connecting to the world’s number one provider of animated 3D casino games.

As Microgaming is such a large real money online gaming systems provider, you can imagine that they are able to make their games more enticing by offering high returns to players (RTPs).

Here are some of RTPs you can expect:

  • Blackjack – 99.89%
  • Roulette – 97.3%
  • Baccarat – 98.99%
  • Pai Gow – 97.14%
  • Slots – 95% – 98%


Android Mobile Casino

Using the intelligent delivery system of Quickfire powered by Microgaming players at SCR888 will be delighted to have every game custom delivered to their Android Smartphones.

Quickfire is a UK based casino games delivery system expert and a subsidiary of Microgaming. The company are specialists in uses adaptive technology that detects the operating system, hardware peripherals, and network speed of the casino member’s device. The system will then use adaptive code to send the best version of the requested game to casino members’ devices.

With such intelligent software delivery coming from a fully licensed software company, you gaming experience at SCR888 will nothing short of breathtaking.


iOS Mobile Casino

In addition to SCR888 connecting to Quickfire’s adaptive technology for Android, players using iOS devices are also able to take advantage of the very same intelligent delivery systems. Whether you are playing on an version of an iPAd, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, or iPhone 6, Quickfire works with SCR888 to ensure a beautifully adaptive version of the online casino game requested by the player is sent directly to the iOS device.

Once again, with such a strong partnership with one of the world’s top online casino software providers and its subsidiary, players can have high-quality 3D casino gaming while on the move.


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Wukong Monkey Story Plus

Wukong Monkey Story Plus certainly known as the most popular SCR888 game in Malaysia at the moment. The upgraded version of Wukong casino game has stunning graphic and striking animations. The game pays 17 different random bonuses beside of regular pay-outs, which is a very interesting feature that widely favoured by young generations. 

The theme of the game origin from Chinese tale story. The choice of placing bets divides into 4 different character known as Wukong, Red Baby, Monk and Bull. Each of the character icon can be either red, green or yellow. As it can be seen in the video, player may place bet in any of the 12 boxes that represent each character with different colour.  Every box has its own odds and the odds of the first row from right starting from multiplier 4~8, followed by 7~13, 12~24 and the last row 24~46. The light starts running when betting timeouts and eventually stop on one icon.

You may find different version of Wukong Monkey Story in Malaysia provided by various casino platforms, however the gameplay is similar to each other and easy to understand. Since the game developer is from China, Wukong bonus description usually explained in Mandarin. Hereby we explain the rules for your convenience.


七十二变 - Grant 1 extra light with highest pay, total 2 lights

二连 - Grant 1 extra light, total 2 lights

三连 - Grant 2 extra lights, total 3 lights

四连 - Grant 3 extra lights, total 4 lights

仙女散花 - Grant randomly 1 to 3 extra lights

纵横四海 - Grant 1 light for each side, total 4 lights

四大天王 - Randomly choose 1 colour, grant 1 light for each character, total 5 lights

牛魔王全中 - Grant all bull lights, total 7 lights

沙悟净全中 - Grant all monk lights, total 7 lights

红孩儿全中 - Grant all baby lights, total 7 lights

孙悟空全中 - Grant all Wukong lights, total 7 lights

封神 - Give extra light for same character, total 2 lights

红灯全中 - 9 red lights all hit

绿灯全中 - 9 green lights all hit

黄灯全中 - 9 yellow lights all hit

四海归一 - 24 lights all hit 

连线彩金 - Give random Jackpot when light stop