Can You Join Football Betting Malaysia?

You don’t need to be a football player to enjoy and love the game. You don’t even have to be part of the crowd, although the intensity and passion are more heartfelt when you are one with the rest of the fans. A practical—and lucrative, if you play the game right—way to engage yourself in football is to bet.

What’s the Problem?

But if you’re living in countries such as Malaysia, that can be a problem. Football betting Malaysia is currently considered illegal. Contrary to popular belief, Malaysia is very open to many types of gambling, including online and land-based casinos as a regulated industry. Unfortunately, football betting Malaysia isn’t part of it, although many are now pushing for its legislation and regulation.

So How Do You Exactly Play It?

Let this be a warning: you play football betting at your own risk. Malaysia has so many bettors around the country, but that doesn’t have to mean the authorities won’t come after you. However, you can reduce your risk when you play online:

1. Find a bookmarker.

A bookmarker, or a bookie, is a person or a website that is in charge of gathering bets. If it’s a website offering football betting Malaysia, then it’s where you’re going to place your money: you send money to them and tell them your bet. It’s that easy, really. Just make sure that your bookmarker is operating outside Malaysia. Skip affiliates or other agents that are in Malaysia.

2. Check the credentials of your bookie.

Just because a website claims that it’s a bookmarker doesn’t have to mean that it’s worth trusting. They may be fake! A good way to tell if it’s real or not is to perform due diligence. Research where it’s from, the rules of the country where it operates, the number of years it’s been in the business, track record, etc. Read reviews as well.