Why Are Slots Popular?

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Jimmy Thursday, April 5, 2018

Malaysian players at c9bets lover top play slots more than any other game in the casinos that we offer. Usually, when you walk into a live casino the slots section pretty quiet with just a few people sitting quietly on a stool popping in coins and notes. Over on the casino floor, there is an electric atmosphere as players enjoy the buzz of the Roulette wheel spinning or facing off against the dealer in Blackjack. This then leaves us begging to ask the question why slots are so popular online.

It is hard to say 100% why online players that use the virtual casinos offered by c9bets play slots so often. However, we can break it down and take a few educated guesses.

  1. Huge progressive jackpots

One of the main reasons slots are so popular is that the progressive jackpots are absolutely massive. You can literally win tens of millions of MYR overnight. Compare this to Blackjack or Roulette and that is not the case. Although some table games do have a progressive jackpot, for the most part, they come nowhere near the jackpots that online slots can offers.

Online slot jackpots are far bigger than those seen in most land-based casinos. Plus, if you do see a slot with a mammoth size progressive jackpot in a land-based casino, it probably only pays out once or twice a year depending on how popular the slot is at the casino.

On the other hand, online progressive slots are played regularly. This is because the online casinos in Malaysia have a limitless reach across not just Malaysia but all of South East Asia including countries such as Thailand and Singapore. A land-based casino’s progressive slot is just limited to only the people that happen to be in the area and pop into the casino for a flutter.

With so many people playing the online progressive slots, the jackpots pay out much faster. Progressive jackpots are set with a particular probability of paying out. That probability is set against the slot making a profit. The more the reels are spun, the higher the chances of the progressive jackpot paying out.

Therefore, the more people play a progressive jackpot the quicker it will pay out. in general, most of the jackpot slots in casinos such as 918Kiss and Newtown casino will pay out at least twice a month. If you were a slots player, which slot would you rather play? The land-based slot that may take months to pay out or the online slot that could drop a jackpot payout at any time?

  1. Mobile Gameplay

Slots are arguably the easiest games to play on a mobile phone. They fill up the entire screen and the simplicity of the way slots are played makes them extremely suitable for those playing via a smartphone. Given that online gamers also love to play slots and that there are so many themes available for mobile play, it is no wonder slots have become Malaysia's number 1 online casino game.

What’s so good about playing slots on mobile is that you can also play progressive slots while on the move. That means you could be in the park, at work, on a train, or just about anywhere and still have the chance to drop in a life-changing jackpot win.

  1. Online casino players generally enjoy online games

One reason perhaps slots are so popular is that many players that play online casinos have never actually set foot inside a casino or at the very least only visited a casino a handful times in their life.

Most people that want to play casino games online are already familiar with the World Wide Web. They have also most likely played an array of games online. As slot mimic the excitement of online gaming, this could be a very good reason why so many people that play online gambling enjoy the buzz of playing slots online.

Bonus rounds, fast-paced action, plenty of animations and other fun and exciting aspects of online slots are all key points to our theory that gamers love to play online slots. Blackjack and Roulette, as well as other similar games, do not really have the same kind of buzz.

  1. Multiple Themes are Attractive

Slots offer multiple themes under one slots sections Now when you walk into a land-based casino, you are very limited in your choice of slots. Most of the time this is because slots take up so much floor space. Land-based slots offer a (Return to Player) RTP of around 90%, and only 1 player can play that slot at 1 time. As a result of this, the casino would rather place more table games with a higher edge to fill the space in the casino.

Now 90% RTP actually translates to a 10% house edge. When you compare this to Blackjack that theoretically has around a 0.5% house edge. This can seem confusing at first. However, Blackjack tables seat more players and most of those players do not play optimal strategy. The minimum bets increase the turnover of the blackjack table per hour. This means that a reduction in the number of slots means more space for Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack games that provide better profits.

This is why slots sections are in general small areas of a casino somewhere at the back usually. With the reduced number of slots, the fewer themes there are to play. Where do the slot players end up?

You have probably already guessed it. Most slot players these days have turned to online gambling. There are literally hundreds of slots themes in any given online casino. All of them different, and with much better RTPs – usually 95% or higher.

With themes based on warriors, sea battles, ancient cultures, African jungles, and just about anything you can think of, online slots are bound to attract large numbers of people.

Avoid land-based slots and play online!

The moral of the story here is to avoid playing land-based slot machines. The jackpots are slot to payout out, and you are limited in the choice of themes you can play. Furthermore, you cant just pick up a slot machine and take it with you. With online slots, you can play on your desktop, laptop, touchpad, or smartphone and return to the game whenever you feel like it.