Using Martingale’s Betting Systems to Improve your Bankroll

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MOHAMMAD SAIFUL Monday, September 18, 2017

It is surprising to find out that many people playing Roulette, Baccarat or Blackjack do not use a strategy when they play. Using betting systems are a core component to keeping your casino bankroll afloat.

In this guide we will discuss the Martingale betting system that are being used every day at online casinos such as SCR888 and Newtown casino by our members.

Here are the 2 key advantages to the Martingale Strategy:

  • Keep your casino balance high
  • Play for longer per deposit
  • Start to make a profit

Trust me when we say this “If you don’t understand how betting systems work, then you will lose more money to the house eventually”.

Learn how to:

  • How to play the Martingale strategy
  • How this betting systems preserves your casino bankroll
  • How to avoid losing sessions using this system

The Inner Workings of the Martingale Strategy

One of the most famous betting systems out there right now is the Martingale system. It is a negative progression system and will replenish your bankroll after many losses, as well as give you a profit.

FACT: Mathematically, the Martingale system makes a lot of sense (see more below)

It’s very simple to learn and is mainly used by Roulette players betting on the even odds outside bets on a Roulette table.

  • Used mainly in Roulette on even odds outside bets
  • Can be used in Blackjack
  • Great for Baccarat

In this strategy, all you need to do is double your bet every time you lose.

  • Bet 1: You bet 50 RM on red
  • Spin 1: The Roulette wheel lands on black
  • TOTAL: 50 RM (after 1 spin)

As you lost the bet, you would need to double your next bet.

  • Bet 2: You bet on red again, but this time 100 RM
  • Spin 2: The Roulette wheel lands on black again
  • 150 RM (after 2 spins)

Again, you lose, so you need to bet 200 RM doubling your lost bet on the previous coup.

    • Bet 3: You bet on red again doubling Bet 2 to 200 RM
  • Spin 3: The Roulette wheel lands on red and you win 400 RM


  • 350 RM (after 2 spins)

On your third spin, you have turned what started as a losing session into a profitable session. You can see that after 3 spins your total wager will have been 350 RM. When you win, you are paid out 400 RM for the Spin 3 bet of 200 RM. That is a profit of 50 RM after 3 spins.


  • Spin 1: 50 RM deficit
  • Spin 2: 150 RM deficit
  • Spin 3: 350 RM deficit
  • Win 400 RM
  • 3 spins:  2 losses + 1 Win = 50 RM profit

Always Make a Profit When You Hit a Winning Spin

Another feature of the Martingale system is that you will always make a profit when you eventually hit your winning option. Let’s have a look at the bets that were made in our scenario.

Spin 1: Your bet was 50 RM

  • Potential Winnings: 100 RM\
  • Total session bet: 50 RM (after 1 spin)
  • Potential Profit: 50 RM

Spin 2: Your bet was 100 RM

  • Potential Winnings: 200 RM
  • Total session bet: 150 RM (after 2 spins)
  • Potential Profit: 50 RM

Spin 3: Your bet was 200 RM

  • Potential Winnings: 400 RM
  • Total session bet: 350 RM (after 3 spins)
  • Potential Profit: 50 RM

Spin 4: Your bet was 400 RM

  • Potential Winnings: 800 RM
  • Total session bet:  750 RM (after 4 spins)
  • Potential Profit: 50 RM


IMPORTANT: Choose a low minimum bet to use this system

Every spin’s profit is equal the amount of the starting bet you use. In the example we used, we were betting 50 RM per session. Also, after each losing spin, the chances of your even bet option landing in your favour increases.

You can see how quickly the cost of each bet rises per spin:

  • Spin 1: 50 RM                    48.5%-win chance
  • Spin 2: 100 RM                  73.6%-win chance
  • Spin 3: 200 RM                  86.5%-win chance
  • Spin 4: 400 RM                  93%-win chance
  • Spin 5: 800 RM                  95%-win chance
  • Spin 6: 1,600 RM              98.2%-win chance


As you can see, one of the biggest downfalls to the Martingale system is that the cost of your bets can rise very quickly. Therefore, you do need to sit at the table with bankroll that is many times higher than your minimum bet.

  • Costs rise after each bet
  • Win percentage chance rises each bet
  • You need a high bankroll to play

In addition to this, the chances of winning after each spin increases. In theory, losing 5 or 6 spins in a row has a very low chance. However, there is a chance that this could happen because this is just the way of the world. Despite the laws and averages of percentages, downswings can come along quite quickly.

Beating the Casino’s Maximum Bet Limit

In the above example, if the Roulette table you are sitting at is 2,000 RM, you could run into difficulties. If in the highly unlikely event, you lose spin 6, which is a 1.8% chance you will, then you will be unable to double your bet for spin 7.

Should this happen, then stop your session. Move to another Roulette table with higher minimum bets and higher table maximum bet. This is the beauty of online casinos. You have several tables with different stake amounts that you can play at.

Use Casino Bonus Codes

Also, make sure you take advantage of casino bonus codes as much as you can when using the Martingale system. This will take the edge of your losing streaks, and because you are always betting quite high with an average of 3 or 4 losing spins in a row, you will get through your bonus’s play through quite easily.

The Martingale System Rounded Up

This is a great system if you have a large bank roll that you can dig into. The risk versus profit after several losing spins is a little out of proportion with this strategy. However, persistence always pays off.

If you want to just swap tables when the losing streak is high, then you can easily. In the end, if you are persistent enough, and willing to risk large sums on long losing streaks, that eventually you can turn into a win, then you can make money with this system.