Triple Draws Up and Down Swings

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James D Thursday, November 22, 2018

Draw poker is not the most popular game for poker websites to give as an option, but the game itself is incredibly popular. In the future players can expect 2-7 Triple Draw to become more available in their online poker rooms because this game has been gaining considerable attention in the poker world because of its massive up and down swings. Playing the up and down swings correctly depends on the limit you are playing.

Upswings are always easy to play because it means you are hitting the cards, and so you can start to push for pots. The trick to gaining the maximum value from your upswings is to trick your opponents into betting. The game becomes a cat and mouse chase, where you want your opponent to chase the cards while you already have the nuts. The more your opponents chase when you have an upswing the more cash you are going to earn because in triple draw there are so many betting sessions involved in the play. The longer your opponent remains in the hand, the more the pot is built up and more you take.

Downswings are a lot more difficult to handle as with any style of poker. How you handle your downswings in Triple Draw depends on the limits you are playing. If you are playing No Limit, then you have plenty of opportunities to bluff your opponents off pots. However, if you are playing limit, bluffs a lot harder to pull off. It takes a lot of aggressive raises, but with fixed limit, this can be difficult because the raise is capped to double the minimum bet. Late position is the best place to bluff in limit Triple Draw. For example, if seat 1 bets and seat 2 raises, you can raise seat 2 another bet making it difficult for seat 1 to call. This should see seat 1 fold and thin down the field increases your chances of winning via a bluff if you miss. One less player to hit cards is always a good thing in poker.

In both games, the ideal opportunity to bluff can come from watching how many cards your opponents swap out. Unless they are swapping out a low number of cards in the draw stage, you should be constantly pushing to narrow down the number of players vying for the pot. On balance, bluffing on your downswings is very important, while allowing players to chase during in your upswings is equally as important to clear up dead money and take down large pots respectively.