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MOHAMMAD SAIFUL Saturday, November 25, 2017

There is no doubt that online gambling in Malaysia is fast becoming one of our favourite past times. There is nothing like spending our spare time trying to make a bit more money on top of whatever we earn from our employment. However, you have to remember that for big every winner, there is somebody else that has been an even bigger loser.

What we should all be trying to do, is to be consistently the winning guy rather than consistently the losing guy. Easier said than done considering that most games are pure chance at online casinos but there are ways that you can improve your chances. This is mainly done by having self-control, being smart in how you play and ensuring that you are always at your best mentally before gambling in Malaysia.

Check out some of our tips on how you can improve your chances when you next decide to enjoy some online gambling in Malaysia. Some of you may know these tips as they are fairly basic but new players should definitely take a look and make sure that they heed them.

Choose the Right Online Casino

We cannot stress enough just how important it is to pick the right online casino from the get-go. Most players will either stick at the first casino they choose for their online gambling in Malaysia (either rightly or wrongly) or they will go from casino to casino in the hope of eventually finding one that they like.

Our advice would be to spend some time making your initial decision in the first place rather than just jumping for the first one that you see. Do a little bit of research on the internet to make sure that the casinos that you are considering are not only reputable but also have the amount and types of games that you like to play, good levels of customer support and a variety of payment options.

The main reason we start with the casino in our tips is that many will have some lucrative bonus schemes that can give you anything from free money in your account, to some free spins on certain games. This in itself is a good advantage to have. On the flip side, other casinos will offer a poor experience and could, in fact, be less than reputable if you know what we mean.

Know the Game You Are Playing

Whenever you are gambling in Malaysia, no matter what casino it is, you are not going to fair very well unless you know how to play the game that is in front of you.

Do you understand the many different types of bets and their odds in Roulette? Do you know the difference between stacked wilds and standard wilds when playing online slots? Do you realise that ‘hitting the dealer’ in Blackjack does not actually mean punching him? If you did not know most of these, its fair enough to assume that you probably do not know enough about these games to play them.

No matter what the game, make sure you have read and understood the rules and perhaps even played some practice free games before you start gambling with your real money. Once you feel confident enough that you understand the rules of how to play, perhaps start at the lower levels so that you can experience the ‘real’ money game before stepping up further as you gain more experience.

Gamble Responsibly

One of the biggest reasons for players losing at the online casinos is that they do not gamble responsibly. They listen to their hearts over their heads and go chasing wins with bets that are far too big for their bankrolls. This usually happens when they have lost a few hands/spins and they want that money back. They double or triple the size of the bets they were previously wagering in order to earn more winnings to cover their losses. While some will get lucky, most will just compound their own misery and lose more money than they can afford.

We always advise players to set a monthly bankroll that is well within their budget and one that will not hurt their life outside of gambling should they lose. This means no gambling with money that was meant to pay the rent, pay the bills, or pay your tuition costs. Stick to that amount each month and be strict with yourself to make sure that you do.

Have the Right Frame of Mind

In a similar way to the last tip, you do not want to be throwing your money away due to making poor decisions. When do people make poor decisions? When they are int he wrong frame of mind, intoxicated or possibly both. If you are stressed for whatever reason, have had too much to drink, are tired from work or angry about previous losses, close the app or turn off your mobile device. Return another time when your head is clear enough to make the better decisions when gambling online in Malaysia.

Summing Up

We mostly have to rely on luck when playing at any casino online but if we are making poor choices and do not even understand how to play the games, even having good luck is not going to help us out much in the long run. This is why following our above tips will go a long way to ensuring that you are always making the best decisions, playing responsibly with a set bankroll and hopefully seeing far more consistent wins because of doing so.

Our chances will not necessarily improve upon each spin of the reels but at the same time, we will give ourselves the best chance of making the right choice in any given situation. Hopefully, this article will have helped you to learn a few little pieces of advise that we feel all players should know before online gambling in Malaysia.