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C9Bet Admin Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Heard bad things about slots? Are you worried about losing cash?

For the last 6 years I have been playing slots almost every day without every breaking into my regular income. I’ve been so successful that C9Bet has invited me to share my winning formula on their blog….

Take it from me, there is no reason playing slots cannot be a regular hobby of yours without it costing you a fortune.

If you love slots, or you like the idea of playing slots, and you want to play without burning through piles of cash, then take just 5 minutes of your time and I guarantee you can be playing your favourite titles day in and day out from your PC, tablet and while on the move via your smartphone.

Admittedly the World Wide Web is full of articles and ads that proclaim they have a secret system that will turn you into a millionaire slot player. However, if like me, you have been tricked by these blatant falsehoods, then you are probably skeptical when I say I rarely pay a penny to keep the reels spinning.

I’m here not to help you become a millionaire, or to turn you into a winning slots player. I am here to give you the best tips possible to keep you on the slots for longer.

Trust me when I say I have been on the losing end of slots. Back in my early days I lost my entire bankroll, quit for days, weeks, months because of sheer frustration. Then I met my mentor.

He showed me a few simple rules when you play slots that have meant I have been able to continue playing slots for over 4 years without taking a break.

7 Tips to Becoming a Seasoned Slot Player

These tips are there to help you last longer playing slots. They are not guaranteed to make you rich, but what they will do is make sure you don’t continually go bust.

  • Learn how to play longer
  • Learn how to preserve your bankroll
  • Never burn through your bankroll
  • Take advantage of free bonus cash

Literally, by following the tips my mentor gave me, all 4 of these points have applied to the way I play slots. So if you want to stop constantly making deposits to your casino because you keep depleting your bankroll read in and follow these tips.

Tip 1: Play slots with low jackpots

The slots with high jackpots are saturated. Everyone wants a piece of the pie and so all the members at your online casino are likely to be playing the slots with highest jackpots. You are all fighting for the same jackpot which will only pay out 4 or 5 times day. The likelihood of that being you is low.

Another reason high jackpot slots are not as good as seem is because you are always vying for that big jackpot pay-out. The slot needs to make its money in the meantime, and it won’t pay-out until has its own profit.

You will be pumping in cash for low pay-outs that barely cover your investment; while the slot is taking the lion’s share of the cash for profit and so it will be able to pay out the advertised jackpot amount.

On the other hand, if you are playing a slot with a low jackpot, there is no need for the machine to save up tons of cash so it can pay out a large jackpot. Instead the slot pays out more often via free spins rounds, bonus rounds and other combinations. Plus, with less players playing, the jackpot, even though not as big as other slots, is more likely to pay you!

Tip 2: Play slots with high percentage pay-outs

Every slot has its own pay-out percentage. Some offer an ROI of 90%; while other, an ROI up to 97%. It is surprising how many people do not know or ignore what is a huge factor.

In theory a slot that has a 97% pay-out means you will receive $97 back for every $100 you bet. If a single spin is $1.00, then that’s 97 free spins by the end of that sessions. Of course, this is based on percentages and probability. You will also need to account for variation.

Variation is basically your up and downswings when you are playing online casino games. The same as when you flip a coin. An even spread of heads and tails rarely happens. Tails may land 35 times out of 50 flips. However, after another 200-coin flips and heads will even out and even over take tails. On slots you will also have the same swings in variation.

In short, eventually your odds will even out and you will end up with 97% of money back. Some people are even luckier and seem to go on incredible upswings.

Next time you play a slot at your online casino, check out the pay-out percentage, make a note of it and keep doing this so you know exactly which slots give the best ROI and then stick to playing only those slots.

Tip 3: MAX out Welcome Bonuses

After my mentor taught me a thing or two about online gambling I realised that skimping on how much I deposit was my mistake. I knew I wanted to play slots regularly, but I kept running out of cash because I had no real bankroll to back me up or get me through downswings.

If you want to become a regular slots player and play day in and day out without dipping into your salary every month, then start your casino with the highest deposit you can make. After this, if you gamble sensibly, you will not need to make another deposit for a very long time!

Remember that your intention here is not to make another deposit from your personal finances for a long time. You also need to be disciplined. Do not go crazy betting high stakes because you have loads of cash, and especially do not chase your losses by increasing your stakes.

For me, I was lucky because my casino offered a high rollers Welcome Bonus which was 100% deposit match up to $1,000. I took $1,000 and deposited it all. My balance was $2,000. I literally had $1,000 free to play with.

Since that day I have bet a set amount, had set sessions, and if I lose I quit. My original bankroll from my Welcome Bonus still exists today. The casino affiliate that I originally used to sign up my account cannot believe how much money he makes from me despite the fact I rarely deposit!

The morale of the story is:

  • Get the right welcome bonus
  • Deposit as much as you can
  • Make sure that you manage your bankroll
  • Do not chase your losses

If you do not trust yourself, and do not believe that you are disciplined enough, then do not take this approach. The idea behind committing such a large amount of cash is longevity, and not to use your personal finances to fund your slots play.

Tip 4: Using Regular Bonuses to Your Advantage

I always use my online casino’s existing bonuses. My current online casino has 2 regular bonuses that I always take advantage of.

  1. Deposit $50 and get 25 free spins
  2. 50% deposit match up to $100

Now because when I joined I used the high rollers deposit match bonus which was a $1,000 100% deposit match, I began my casino experience. As I only play low jackpot machines with 97% ROIs on them, I easily got through my play through restrictions of x15.

Now I withdraw cash into my account from my casino specially to take advantage of these 2 regular casino bonuses. For example, I will withdraw $250 from my casino account at the beginning of the week.

The next week I will deposit it again in 2 stages.

Stage 1: $50 for my 25 fee spins

Stage 2: $200 for $100 free bonus money

Every month I get $400 free and 100 free spins added to my casino account.

Tip 5: Set yourself limits according to your bankroll

As I also have a job and a family, I am not playing slots 24/7. However, I do play every day. On average I get to play 1 or 2 hours day in 2 or 3 sessions at a time mainly on my mobile. I manage this in 2 ways:

  • Once 10% of my bankroll is gone I quit

In any one sessions I never bet more than 10% of my bankroll. This is a rule I never even though about when I started playing slots. Since my mentor taught me this, even if I end up with a losing session, I am happy! I can lose all that cash in one session and still smile because 90% of my bankroll remains.

Suddenly the next session I have an upswing. Another session I may break even. However, the main point is that 10% is the quitting point.

  • Set myself time limits

Now it is hard to get through 10% of my bankroll as long as I am sensible with my maximum spin bet. Also, I don’t want to keep on playing for the sake of playing. Therefore, if I have time to kill, I make sure I only spend a maximum of 1 hour per session. This rarely happens apart from on a Sunday anyway!

Most of the time I play on my mobile during my lunch break, on the train or while waiting around for wife and kids at the shopping centre.

  • Set yourself a spin maximum

We all want to increase the amount we bet. Increasing the stakes adds to the thrill of gambling. However, the thrill soon goes once your bank roll is depleted. Make sure you set a maximum spin bet for your slots play that suits your 10% maximum loss of your bank roll. You will also need to think about how many spins per hour you are likely to get through.

Tip 6: Play slots with plenty of bonus rounds and free spins

Slots that have many free spins and bonus round means you slow down the number of spins you get in an hour. Some people say that the more spins they get, the better the averages will work in their favour. However, if you are being held up by bonus rounds and free spins, then you are making money.

Tip 7: Avoid Classic 1 pay Line 3 Reel Slots

They might be fun, but they are rubbish when it comes to getting a decent pay out. They are thin on bonuses and by all accounts they are normally pretty boring to play.

Recapping the winning slot players formula

Don’t expect to become rich from playing slots. They are designed to take your money. If you can play slots with this attitude, then you are already three quarters of the way to understanding how to become a seasoned slots player.

Your attitude should be about longevity. The longer you can make your bankroll last by using the tips I have given you (passed down to me by my mentor), the more time you will have playing slots. All you need is the right slots, the right bonuses, a plan how to use those bonus to your advantage and disciplined times as well as set bet amounts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section. Cbet can pass on your questions and I will be happy to answer them.