Why Is Bet Sizing So Important When Playing Slots?

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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Slots are a game of luck pure and simple. There is not a sure-fire way to guarantee that you win, but at the same time, there are ways you can make sure that you minimize your losses. With the wrong bet sizing, you could end up wasting your money away. This causes several problems and we are going to discuss in this blog the problems improper bet sizing on online slots causes.

First of all, we have directed this blog to those that play online slots. If you happen to play live land-based slots at one of the few Malaysian casinos that are available to you in the country, then our advice is don’t – land-based slots cannot attract as many people as an online slot. As a result, they are often designed to give players fewer payouts by configuring the reels to reduce the probability of symbol combinations or bonus features forming combinations.

Here is a link to one of our blogs that focuses on why you should not play land-based slots.

Online slots do not have a problem with attracting clientele because the internet is not limited to location. Therefore, you are far more likely to win playing slots online than you are playing land-based slots. This is because the online casinos can afford to give players a higher RTP (Return to Player).

Read more about RTP here.

What is Bet Sizing?

When you play slots or any casino game, you need to make sure that your best match the amount of money you have available to you in your online casino. This means only betting a percentage of your casino bankroll.

For example, if I have 1,000 MYR in my casino bankroll, and this is the most I can afford to play with for the month, then I want to make sure I can play on the slots for as long as possible, as many days as possible for this amount of cash. (Of course, if you only play slots once or twice a week, then you would divide this amount by 4 or 8).

Let’s say I want to play slots 5 times a week, In a month I want my 1,000 MYR to last me at least 1 month. First of all, I already know I have 250 MYR per week to play with plus my winnings I get from playing slots. Secondly, I will start the first day with just 50 MYR to play with.

Now 50 MYR is not a lot of money for slots. I cannot just spin 10 MYR each go because my money will diminish very quickly using such a careless tactic.

My strategy here would be to find a slot with 25 pay-lines. This is so I can divide my bets into 0.09 or 0.25 MYR spins betting 0.01 MYR per line. It is not the most amount money in the world, but by using this style of bet sizing, I am going to guarantee that I will be playing on the slots all week.

With 50 MYR for the day, I have 200 spins on a 25 pay line slot. I could also double this if I only want 100 spins. The math is entirely down to your style of play.

You need to take into consideration:

  • The number of spins you want
  • How long you want to play for

With those 200 spins, you are also going to get quite a few wins. This will give you, even more, spins with the winnings you earn, so overall you could be looking at 500 to 700 spins a day if you use bet sizing as small as I have used in this example.

To make sure you get your bet sizing right, you will need to consider your own personal circumstances. The strategy is very simple but also takes some discipline. All you need to do is figure out what works for you to take advantage of this advice, then read the next section in regards to why bet sizing is so important.

Why is Bet Sizing so Important?

First of all, if you use bets that are too high, then you are going to run of cash very quickly. No slots player want a situation where he/she has used all the money available to them in their casino account and has to wait to top it up. At the same time, you should not be throwing away good money after good money at the slots when you can minimise your losses.

Why minimise your losses?

If you want to be a smart gambler, then you should take into consideration variation. Slots also come with a probability of winning. Any game that has a probability attached to it will come with variation. You cannot have probability in games like football because there is so much skill involved; whereas, slots are completely random – any spin can turn up with any result.

As such, you will always run hot and run cold. This is known as variation. Some days you will win because the variations within the laws of probability are swinging in your favour. On other days you will lose because variation is swinging out of your favour.

This is much like rolling a dice. You could roll the dice 50 times and never see a 6 despite probability dictating that a 6 should appear 1 in 6 rolls. This is because variation is swinging out of the number 6’s favour. You should treat slots in the same way.

As a result, if your bet sizing is too high, then you are not giving variation a chance because you are running out of cash too quickly. The best way to play slots is bet low and within your means, until you sense that you are winning or on a hot streak. When this happens, then, by all means, start to increase your bet sizes to maximise your winnings.

As a final note, try not to forget that you will need to reduce your bet sizes when you sense that your hot streak has ended. This way you will always have money in your casino account to play slots within your budget and most importantly all, play slots like a pro.