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c9bets Admin Sunday, March 18, 2018

Finally, we have decided to redesign our website to make it more user friendly for our fans, and we really hope that you like it. One of the main changes we have made to our site is making it more mobile friendly so you, our avid and loyal partners can have a much better experience and get more information about what online gambling has to offer in Malaysia.

In this press release we will walk you through the changes we have made to c9bet, now The idea is to give you a guide about how we have changed our website to help our members with a more improved website backend to log into.

We have also improved the site for those of you that just like to simply come and visit the c9bets website for information about online gambling in Malaysia as well as general gambling information and tips.

Enjoy the read, and please leave any comments if you can - you can view our full c9bets site here!


  • Contents of this blog

 Please provide us feedback about our new site

  1. New mobile friendly view
  • Faster page load speeds
  1. Improves blog interface
  2. Up to date Malaysian casino reviews
  3. The new C9bets brand name
  • Newly designed members login area
  • Customer Support

We Appreciate Your Feedback

Now as this is quite a new website, we would really appreciate any feedback you have; especially if you find any bugs in the system. If there are areas of the site that you think should be made easier to navigate, please also let us know because the idea of this redesign is to give all our fans the best user experience possible both on desktop and mobile devices.

Mobile Friendly View

One of the most important aspects to our redesign has been the focus on mobile functionality. As we look at our Google Analytics regularly, we have noticed that more than 80% of our readers regularly visit our site via mobile. We began to realise that our old C9bet site was outdated, and so we wanted to a complete revamp for mobile technology.

You will notice that we have designed a very easy to use mobile style app home page. Plus, as you navigate from page to page, you will see that the same style has been followed throughout the entire site. You are visiting a web page, but it feels like you are on an app. With the design already in place, we hope to release the c9bets app at some point. You will be able to visit us directly from the app or via the mobile site.

Faster Page Load Speeds

We have also used fine tune coding to make sure that our website page speeds are faster than ever before. This was a challenge because we wanted to keep the same branding and colours with all the usual casinos available to us. Then, we needed to look at how we could redesign the site so whether you are visiting the website via a mobile device or from your desktop, the page load speeds are better than our previous design.

Thankfully, we have managed to achieve this and with the new site, you can visit Google page speeds and see just how fast our site is. We have improved from a low score of around 50/100 up to 90/100. That means you should be a able to navigate c9bets with no lag and very fast page load times giving you instantaneous access to all the information on our site.

A Much Better Blog Interface

For those of you that regularly read out blog – please feel free to comment on any of the content we have on there. We have purposely rebuilt the blog section of the website to make sure you have easy access to the information you want at a click of a button.

  • Learn about how to play different casino games
  • Catch up with the latest slot releases
  • Find out about strategies used for online gambling
  • Read our writer’s opinions

We always try to include as much information as possible on our blog so you have all the information you will ever need when it comes to online gambling and betting in the Malaysian market. The blogs are not Malaysian specific either! The strategies and subjects we write about are used all over the world.

Online casino play is and always has been a globally popular subject. It brings together the young, the middle aged and senior citizens into one place where all age groups and walks of society have the excitement of gambling all in common. Not only does gambling close age gaps, it also brings together different cultures because gambling is a global phenomenon.

More and Improved Information About Online Casinos

One of the main things we noticed when looking at our competitors is that they do not provide accurate information about the online casinos that they are promoting. Some of the games they say exist on the casino being reviewed are not on that casino.

We also noticed that there are a lot of unanswered questions in many reviews about online casinos in Malaysia. Our aim over time is to accurately review each and every online casino available to you in great detail.

You will see sections that include games available to you, what the app is like, security pre-cautions taken by the casino, how the casino is regulated, where you can play LIVE dealer games, and we will also try as best we can to offer you information on the average Return to Player (RTP) at each casino available to Malays.

Furthermore, we will also be giving you information on who provides each casino with their games. For instance, there are many online casino platforms out there as well as game designers. Microgaming, Playtech, Spade Gaming, 2wPower, NetEntertainment, NYX Gaming, Quickspin and more.

All these gaming providers are very strict on who they allow their games to be provided to. The reason for this is because they want to make sure the online casino their games are introduced to are offering fair and honest game results.

Every online casino that we will be reviewing from now on will be 100% accurate with even more information than ever before! This is because we want c9bets to become the go to place when it comes to online gaming.

  • More detailed information about the casinos
  • More about the casino platform providers
  • More information about the game designers
  • Detailed lists of games and new releases

The New c9bets Brand Name

One of the decisions we made that has also changed c9bet is changing the name to c9bets. It is not a big change, but unfortunately one of our competitors has been spamming our website with something called negative SEO. Bigchoysun is very jealous of what we have created, and the owner is a wealthy businessman that has decided to invest in this cheat tactic.

We needed to change our brand name because of these people. We decided not to fight back with negative SEO because we know that honesty is the best policy for the future. Without honest karma will always come back and bite you in the back. At c9bets, we will remain honest and always maintain quality for our readers and members. 

Nothing has changed at all. We are still the same people under the same ownership, and your original account with c9bet is still valid with c9bets. You can still visit or use this as your shortcut to our site, which will redirect to c9bets. That is all there is to it. A very small change in name, with the same owners and set up as before.

The only difference is that we have a new look and feel to the website.

Brand New Backend System for Members

We have made the backend of the website for our members much easier to and more efficient. Now you will log in and get a new look and feel helping you manage your account with a new use experience. It has been designed as a much more user-friendly interface giving you a seamless platform to manage your casino account with c9bets.

Once again, as we mentioned above, we would love to hear from you in regard to your new user experience. Anything that you think we can do to further improve your log in area and account management, please let us know. We are always happy to take suggestions and pass these suggestions on to our web designers and coders.

Our main priority is to make you, our loyal member happier with your experience with c9bets.

C9Bets Customer Support

Our customer support has not changed. You can still get in contact with us via the chat app or via email. We will also be introducing more ways to get in touch, and we are open to any suggestions that you have.

Here are just some of the communication methods we have:

  • +6010-7901360
  • C9BET-Skype
  • c9betcs
  • C9BET-LINE c9betcs
  • C9BET-WeChat c9betcs

Why Choose C9bets?

One of the main reasons we have become so popular is because of our professional team from around the globe. We believe in being totally upfront with all our customers, and our reputation precedes us. It has taken a long time to build the c9bet brand, which has only just been rebranded into c9bets.

Aside from making sure that we conduct business honestly and fairly, we are also one of the best Malaysian casino website providers when it comes to providing information about casinos.

  • New Research Team

We have hired a brand-new research team. We did this because we realised that the best way to make sure anyone reading about online casinos available to Malays or about online gambling needs to have the most up to date and accurate information.

There is very little point in speaking highly about an online casino, but not giving more information; such as, the latest games, who provides them, how the casino platform works, and more important information that will help you decide which online casino is best for you.

  • A new emphasis on LIVE Dealer Games

LIVE dealer games have become extremely popular in Europe and Oceania. In Asia, online LIVE dealer suites have been a little slow to take off. However, we plan to dedicate a whole new section of our website to giving you information about how online dealer suites work, which online casinos offer them, and the game that are available.

  • We go out of our way to give the best customer experience

If you have gotten this far into our article, then you probably already know that are goal is to give our customers, site visitors, and anyone in Malaysia interested in real money games the best website for information and sign ups. Our newly designed website is proof of just how serious we are about making sure of this.

Most importantly of all, we will always be staying up to date with the latest news in the Malaysian online casino industry. If you are looking for a news outlet for online casino play, which at the moment Malaysia is lacking, then c9bets news is going to be the go to place for you to get all the latest news.

We really hope that you enjoy using our new website, whether you are just using c9bets for informational purposes, thinking of becoming a member or if you are already a member.

And please, always feel free to get in touch with us whenever you feel like it.

Thank you for reading!