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C9Bet Admin Friday, November 10, 2017

There are a of players in Malaysia and Thailand that are winning playing on slots. Most people lose because they do not know the winning secrets to slots. We at c9bet are about to let you in on some of the best inside secrets our winning slot players have been telling us about!

This is a very special slots secret so don’t miss out!

We invite our guest slot winner to tell you how he has become successful on the slots at casinos like SCR888 and Newtown casino.

Tip 1: Only Play Progressive Slots with Surprise Jackpots

All the new progressive slots are so popular that all the players at the casino want to play for the ‘BIG JACKPOT’!

  1. The more players there are, the less chance there is of you winning the jackpot
  2. The less players playing on a progressive slot, the higher then chance you will win

The obvious result is that you should let everyone go and play the new slots. While those slots players are battling with each other to win the big jackpot, only a few of you will be playing for the progressive jackpot on the older slots.

In particular, play on the slots where there is no trigger for the Progressive Jackpot. These are the type of slots that will pay out the progressive jackpot at any time to whoever the lucky winner is.

Golden Rule: Do not be swayed or persuaded to play the new slots. Stick to the older jackpot slots for as long as you can. It might take 1 year or 2 years playing the same slots, but during this time, you have a 50% better chance of a winning jackpot worth thousands.

Tip 2: Check the RTP (Return Player)

Every slot has an RTP, which is also known as the ‘Theoretical Return To Player’. If an online slot has a theoretical RTP of 95%, that means the house edge is just 5%. In theory, you should win back 95% of the money you have put into the slot.

If you check all the slots on the casino you play at, you should be able to find out the RTP. Once you know the RTP, only play the slots whereby the house has the lowest possible edge, and the slot has highest possible RTP; such as, 95%.

Tip 3: Understand How Probability Vs Variation Works and Don’t Give Up

A slot might have a 95% RTP – and in theory you should get 95% of your money back. However, you need to understand that this is not always going to happen. If you will a dice and bet on the number 6, the probability is 1/6 that the 6 will roll in.

Probability says the number 6 will roll in at least 1 time in 6.

Nonetheless, why do we sometimes throw the dice and 6 does not come for 15 rolls?

This is variation. Variation means that it takes time for probability to even out. You might roll the dice and not see the number 6 for 15 rolls, then suddenly roll 16 and roll 15, you roll the 6 in 2 times.

Exactly the same happens with slots. If the slot has an RTP of 95%, and you lose 60% of your money, it is because you are having bad variation. Well call this a downswing. However, if you keep on playing, eventually you will get some big wins and that money will come back to you.

Here are 3 scenarios that make bad slot players:

  1. Many players lost when they start playing slots and give up too soon. They do not let variation come back
  2. Other slot players win very quickly, then they start to increase the stakes – and then they lose. This is an extremely bad way to play slots
  3. Some slot players win very quickly, and have a lot of fun. Next, they start to lose a lot. Then because they lost everything they won, they give up

An example of a good slot player is the exact opposite of all 3 of these scenarios. A good slots player will understand variation. They know that sometimes they will win a lot, but they also know that they will start to lose too because variation starts to swing (a downswing).

As a result, they do not increase their stakes. In fact, when they are on a downswing, they will sometimes decrease their stakes. This is because they know they just won a lot of money. They can decrease the amount they bet, and the losing spins do not affect them too badly.

Tip 4: Manage the size of your spin bets

The size of your total spin bet on a slot should only be 0.5% to 1% of the amount of money you have in your casino account. That is low. Nonetheless, this is the only way you will be able to keep playing slots without going broke.

0.5% means you will 200 spins. It is close to impossible to lose 200 spins in a row. If you decide to use 1%, then this is 100 spins. Again, it is almost impossible to lose 100 spins.

Now, the reason this strategy is so good is that if you lose half your spins – so 50 spins out of 100 spins. However, your 50 spins that you won money on gives you enough money for another 50 spins. You basically break even.

Tip 4 is just a theory. You need to be sensible enough and clever enough how the averages work for you. Just always try to play 1% to 0.5% of your bank roll, and you will not need to make a deposit into your casino for a long time!

Tips 1 to 4 Will Mean You Play For Longer

To round this up, if you follow these tips and be disciplined, you will win eventually. You have to be patient, and do not let temptation beat you. If you do let it beat you, then the casino will win. In fact, the casino wins because most players do not follow or use a strategy, and 90% the players that do use a strategy don’t stay with their strategy – this only ends up in them losing and the casino winning.

Lastly, the longer you are playing, the better the chances are that you will hit a jackpot win. These big wins will start to put you in profit.

There are players out there making money from slots – do you want to be one of them?