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Jimmy Thursday, March 29, 2018

When it comes to bonus rounds on slots, there are so many ways a slot developer can design them, that it is quite hard to describe them all. In this article, we will give you a general guide to some of the most common bonus rounds that will come across when playing online slots.

How do I get a bonus round?

If we discount free spins as a bonus round because we have already dedicated a blog to this, then we can start to look at bonus rounds designed specifically for entertainment.

Usually, a bonus round will be triggered in one of four ways:

  1. Bonus symbols on a pay line

This means you will need to line up the bonus symbol 3, 4, or 5 times on a pay line. Usually, 3 symbols are enough to start the basic bonus round. Then if you land 4 or 5 bonus symbols, the bonus round will be improved giving you more chance to win more money.

  1. Bonus symbols as scatter symbols

This is the most common way to trigger a bonus round. Either the main scatter on the game will be the bonus round trigger, or the bonus symbol will be separate from the scatter symbol. This means you will have one symbol for the scatters and one symbol for bonus rounds. The bonus round symbol will be a scatter symbol effectively giving you two scatter symbols on the game.

Scatter symbols can land anywhere on the reels without needing to start the combination on reel 1 or lining up on adjacent reels. They basically trigger the bonus round as long as you see them on the reels.

You should note though, that there are some bonus scatters that will only pay out if they are on adjacent reels or start on reel 1. Always read the slots paytable information section before you start to play the slot so you can understand how the bonus symbol is triggered.

  1. Randomly triggered the bonus round

At any time in the game, a bonus round can be triggered. You as the player do not have to do anything. It is up to the slot whether it should kickstart the bonus. This is usually decided by an algorithm on the slot that says, “Hey I have made quite a bit of cash for my casino, so I will trigger the bonus round for this lucky player just to keep things even”.

Randomly triggered bonus rounds are most commonly found on progressive slots. They will trigger the bonus round that gives you chance to win the progressive jackpot. Other progressive slots will literally just drop in the progressive jackpot randomly without you having to do even play a bonus round.

  1. Points collection bonus rounds

Some slots like to keep you spinning in anticipation of bonus round. They do this using symbols on the slot that go into a bank. This can be a dedicate bonus symbol on the slot or some slots will use the wild symbol. Therefore, every time the bonus symbol lands on the reels or the wild lands on the reels a meter will add +1 or +2 according to how many symbols were in the reels.

After this, there will be a set number of symbols you need to collect for the bonus round to trigger. For instance, it could be you need 10 wilds or bonus symbols to land on the reels for the bonus round to trigger.

What are the most common bonus rounds?

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog – there are so many different styles of bonus rounds, that we only really have scope to cover the most common ones. We recommend that if the slot you are playing has a bonus round, always read the pay table information for the slot where it should also state the rules for bonus rounds, scatters as well as pay out for every symbol on the slot.

Here are some of the most common bonus rounds:

  • Pick me Rounds

These rounds can be quite fun and pay out quite a lot of cash. They are pretty basic, to be honest, and in general, I only play a slot with this style of bonus round as long as the slot also has a free spins round.

As the round suggests, you pick to reveal prizes. Most of the time you will have either a set number of picks or you will be able to pick until you reveal a ‘game over’ style box.

  • Spin the Wheel

These are fun games because you spin a wheel that has lots of prizes on it. The prize you land on is your reward. These rounds are even better if you receive multiple spins. Commonly you will find these bonus rounds on progressive jackpots.

  • Interactive/Action

Some games require interaction on your part. You will need to control a character or manoeuvre to win. This is quite a rare bonus round to come across, but they do exist on slots that are generally designed with high graphical intensity.

  • Board Games

There are plenty of slots that have a board game style bonus. You will either have a dice or some form of tool that will decide how far you progress. The further you get, the higher your prize.

  • Gamble Feature

A gamble feature is attached to quite of slots. Rabcat is pretty famous for this in fact. You will need to pick the colour of the next card coming out of a deck, flip a coin or spin a wheel. There are some gamble features that offer 50/50 (Even odds) and other 4 to 1 odds. You can gamble whenever you win cash on a spin; however, if you lose, then your winning are surrendered. If you win, you get to choose to collect your winnings or continue gambling. These style bonus rounds are a huge hit for Asian players.

We will try to add more to this blog in the future as we do more slot reviews and uncover more bonus rounds. Please feel free to leave any comments on this blog as we would love to add more information to the blog if you think we are missing something.