Rush Poker Tactics

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James D Friday, December 28, 2018

One of the best games of Texas Hold’em out there at the moment is the chance to play Rush poker where you can smash through your card variation 3 or 4 times quicker than playing at a normal poker table. Rush poker is only available online, and it could never be played successfully as a live tournament on a regular basis although that would be fun. The one poker tactic that really works well in rush poker is the fold button!


Rush games can be played in poker tournaments or as cash ring games. Both of the games are played in exactly the same way, but the difference between them is that tournament players tend to play a little looser once the blinds start eating away at their chip stacks, while in the cash version of the game you are guaranteed to be up against a tough hand when you do decide to go into the pot. This is because in cash games the blinds don’t change and so you can just allow the blinds to eat away until you get a monster hand to clear up with.


Starting hands in rush poker are nearly always group 1 to group 3 hands. Any good Rush Poker player will tell you that the best Rush poker strategy is to play the top hands only and because of the structure of Rush poker it makes sense to play like that.


As soon as you fold your hand you will be seated at another table with a new set of players and a new hand. If you don’t like the new hand, you can choose to fold again and get moved to the next table as quick as that and so on.


That means you get to see multiple hands in the space of just a minute. In normal poker games you would fold and have to wait for the hand to be played out before you receive your next hand.


Rush poker strategy is for poker for players in a hurry. You can get through 4 or 5 times the number of hands you would get through on a normal ring game table or in a tournament. That means per blind you can get more hands, but the danger is that when you do go into a hand the other players you are up against are most likely going to have cards that will still give your hand a good run for your money.