Playing The Same Slot Until You Make A Profit

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Online slots are most definitely one of the most popular ways to pass time when playing at a mobile online casino. They offer hours of fun if played at the right stakes, and they come in so many different themed variations, which makes them incredibly exciting to play. In this blog, we will explain why it is suggested you play the same slot until you make a profit.

This is not a tactic we claim will work - we are simply covering the topic as to why there some people out there that say this is a great slots tactic for them. We will break that down and help you understand so you can possibly use it as a strategy for yourself and discover whether or not it will work for you. 


Slots are not games that you will 100% come away with a win. They are also not to be treated as a source of income. I have seen some players win over 6 months, give up their job, and become pro slot players. Early into their pro careers, they have had to make some drastic changes in the way they play slots because their luck started to run out.

After speaking to some of these slot pros (we call them pros because they play slots for a job), we managed to get some decent tips from them on how they manage to pay the bills every month playing online slots.

It seems hardly possible that there are people out there making money from playing slots, but the fact is that there are. I know I couldn’t do it, nonetheless, I wanted to know more.

One of the most interesting pieces of feedback I got was how many of the pro slot players are not switching slots. Instead, they tend to stick to the same slot before moving on. Now there are other strategies they apply to the way they play on top of this, which we won’t go into – you will need to read more strategy articles, but we can give a couple of these strategies away in this blog.

  1. You should play the slot according to the slots ROI it gives you per session

Every slot comes with an ROI, which is the abbreviation for Return on Investment. Most online slots come with pretty decent ROIs – at least compared to live slots they do. Live slots’ ROI tend to hover in the region of around 90% to 95% ROI. It is still quite rare to get a slot that pays 95% in a live casino, which is simply because they do not get enough people playing the slot, so the ROI must be lower.

Thankfully online slots do not have an issue whereby they are restricted to only players that walk into the casino as with land-based casinos. Instead, online slots or mobile slots are connected to the internet and therefore the number of players that it can handle at the same time is almost limitless.

Therefore, most mobile online slots come with a high ROI. This ROI is commonly 96% or more. With an ROI like this, you are looking at only losing 16 MYR from ever 400 MYR played. This is the theory of probability. However, is not as simple as putting in 400 MYR and expecting 384 MYR back at the end of that session.

The reason for this is because of variation. You will understand variation if you flick a coin. A coin has a 50/50 chance of landing on one side or the other so probability suggests that each side of the coin will show evenly. We all know that this is not the case. The coin can land randomly on any side, and sometimes one side of a coin will outnumber another 10 to 1.

Slots are the same. The ROI will swing in and out of your favor. That is to say, some days you will have an upswing, and other days you will have a downswing. You will very rarely come out the other end with a 96% return.

If you play over a period of time and go on a downswing, then at least the next couple of days you play, you should, in theory, recover with an upswing that gives you more than a 96% return.

  1. Don’t Swap Slots Unless You Really Have To

The only reason you would need to swap slots is that the slot really is not paying out. This means you will need to have had a good 3 or 4 sessions on the slot to realize it just is not your working in your favor. However, you should plan to return to this slot another time to get your winnings back.

In this case, you will need an excel spreadsheet of all the slots that you have played. Make a note of how much you have invested in the slot and make a note to return to that slot at a later date.

You may be asking yourself why you would return to a slot that is not making you a profit. This is the same question I had, but after the slot player in question explained it to me, then it began to make sense.

Eventually, you will build a small list of slots that have not turned over a profit. You will also have a list of slots you have played that you have either broken even on or you have already made a nice profit thanks to lucrative free spins or bonus round. The latter, you will want to avoid because the law of averages says that eventually, you have to lose your 4%.

Instead, you will avoid the profitable slots and look to the non-profitable ones. This is once again down to the law of averages. In the end, you should be looking to average out your losses to that 96% mark and beyond. 

Going on the non-profitable slots will now give you the chance to look for profits where you were not making money on those slots previously. Obviously, this is a system you will need to figure out for yourself, and the more you use it, the better you will get at picking the right slots to play at the right time.

  1. If you are playing progressive jackpots that have not paid out for a while

One of the biggest reasons you should not stop playing a slot is when it is jackpot time on a progressive slot. Now progressive slots do admittedly come with less of an RTP than other slots in general. This is because a percentage of every bet placed on the jackpot slot is put toward the progressive jackpot.

Nonetheless, if you want to win big, then progressive jackpots are the best slot you can play. It doesn’t really matter about the size of the jackpot, it is about winning it and giving yourself more chance of winning it by playing at the right time.

This is not really a pro slot player tip and more of a tip for leisurely slot players. Most pros will not play a progressive jackpot as part of their pro game. It is pretty obvious that winning the progressive jackpot is a 1 in a million shot, and so a pro would not spend all his/her time trying to get a progressive jackpot. However, there is something you can take from section 2 of this blog and apply it to progressive jackpot slots.

Imagine that you are going back through your list of non-profitable slots. You check to see which of the slots on your losing slots list are progressive jackpot slots. Then you check the progressive jackpot slots to see if they have paid out recently. If there are any on there that have not paid out the jackpot, and at the same time you have not made a profit, then this is the slot you should be playing.

For a pro, the tactic does 2 things. Firstly, it helps the player make an attempt to win his/her money back. Secondly, because pros are always playing slots, they stand a much better chance of winning a progressive jackpot than someone that plays far less. Therefore, if the pro is playing in a slot to win losses back using the percentages algorithm here in this blog, and the pro is playing a progressive slot at the same time, then that person is always increasing his/her chances of maybe one day landing a progressive jackpot.

Rounding it all up

As you can see from the tips above, you also need to be able to plan your strategy. You will have to keep a spreadsheet, which most slot players won’t want to do for the simple reason that this does take some of the fun out of playing slots.

If you would ask me if I would become a pro slot player, my answer would be no. I couldn’t do it and would not rely on slots as an income no matter how much fun that job would be. However, at the same time, I always like to listen to tips pro players give and blog them here on the c9bets blog.