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Ben W Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The virtual slots at Live22 Malaysia may seem new but they are anything but. Many players get the impression that the games at Live22 are new because of how well they work and how great they look on mobile. Most of the slots that you will find at Live22 have been around for bit, but the casino’s ability to keep the platform fast and stable helps in delivering slick gameplay, every time. If you are new to online slots, it may help to learn how they are built as they are different that their land-based cousins.

Are all online slots the same?

When you talk to people about slot machines who are unfamiliar with the world of online gaming, there is often an image of three reels spinning around on a rather simplistic machine that pops into their minds. Today, however, slots are far different than that. The online slots found at Live22 are complex, beautiful, and modern. There are many themes and categories that slots can be divided into, but more importantly, there are some differences that make them more interesting than they used to be. Terms to look out for when categorizing slot types are paylines, reels, animation style, betting options, and extra features like gamble mode and free spins.


While the traditional slots that started it all used to have just one payline where symbols could line up, today the number can get much higher. Games can range from 10 to 243 paylines, bringing the winning possibilities up quite a lot. All these paylines usually show up on three rows of five reels as opposed to the classic structure of one row and three reels.

Extra features

The gamble feature, which allows players to wager their winnings for a larger payout, is another  interesting addition. Many players only play at online slots that offer a gamble feature because it gives players the chance to seriously grow their winnings. It’s a way for normal players to enjoy top-tier winnings.

Of course, there are also differences in how many free spins are offered and how lucrative they can be, as well as if there are any bonus games available. Some Live22 slots have bonus rounds that take the player completely outside the realm of spinning reels by bringing them to a pick-me screen of wheel of fortune-style game.

RTP (Return to Player Percentage)

Another thing to be on the lookout for when deciding which online slot is right for you is the RTP. The RTP rating is simply the theoretical rate of return on wagered money. Most good online slots will have an RTP of well above 90%, but try and find games that are closer to 95% or above. The higher the percentage is, the better off you are over the long term.

Maintain the right mindset

When you play slots at Live22 Malaysia, there are a couple of things to remember if you are looking to be successful. The first is that every spin is independent. Many people develop strategies based on the idea that if a slot machine loses a certain amount of times it's bound to pay out sooner than later, but in truth, there is no rhyme or reason to that kind of thinking. You should spin the reels each time as if you are spinning them for the first time. Remembering that will help you  avoid getting caught up in the emotional side of gambling, which in turn will help you be more successful over the long haul.

Another thing to remember when playing slots is that more risk does not necessarily mean greater payouts. The only time you should be playing a slot machine with a high risk profile is when you have the bankroll to back it up. Select  your slot machine based on how long you can play, rather than how quickly you can spend your money.


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