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MOHAMMAD SAIFUL Wednesday, November 22, 2017

When it comes to gambling in Malaysia, there are not many online casinos that can match 918KISS Casino for popularity, reputation, ease of use and of course, the huge progressive jackpots that its slots have on offer. Any gambler in Malaysia will have already heard of 918KISS Casino and will already know of the excellent reputation that it has with both players and with industry insiders.

So just why is 918KISS so popular? What do they do better than other online casinos? Why has it become the number one choice for those that want to enjoy some gambling in Malaysia?

In this review, we will go some way to answering each of the above questions. We will take a closer look at 918KISS Casino and tell you more about why the casino is held in such high regard from all quarters and why we think you should be trying it out the next time you feel like enjoying some online gambling.

Top Class Reputation

If there is something that 918KISS Casino is most proud of, it is without a doubt the reputation they have worked so hard on over the years. Of the main reasons why their reputation is so great, their effort at providing a high-quality service combined with high levels of customer service are definitely among them.

Since their launch in 1997, 20 years ago this year, they have won numerous awards and have been consistently thought of as one of the best places to enjoy gambling in Malaysia. Simply being around for so long shows how reputable they are and how well they treat their customers.

It is also commendable that they have been around so long, as it means that they have been able to face up to each and every challenge that has come their way as an online casino operator. The gambling industry is not an easy one to compete in and keep up with the many other competitors and ever-changing regulations and technologies. They have done so with an aplomb and deserve a lot of credit for that.

High Quality Software

While they initially used their own games and software to provide customers with the games they could use for their online gambling, their popularity truly soared when they decided to bring in games from other sources. Leading casino developers such as Playtech and Microgaming are commonly behind some of the more popular casino games on 918KISS Casino these days.

Outsourcing this aspect of their casino gaming platform allowed them to focus on other areas. They knew the high quality of these games and could instead utilise their time in providing an interface that was easy to navigate and use, provide seamless and fast-responding customer service and look at ways to offer the best bonuses and promotions to their customers.

Their interface is extremely intuitive and is even customisable in the way that you can actually preset the games that you like playing the most by selecting them and placing them in boxes.

Massive Catalogue of Games

Another huge reason for the popularity of 918KISS Casino is that of the massive range of slots and casino games that they provide players to choose from. Rather than opting for quantity over quality like many other online casinos in the region, however, 918KISS have always made sure that each of the games they have is of the highest quality and is the types that players will love to play.

They add to this catalogue on a regular basis to ensure that none of their players gets bored and is always on the lookout for only the very best games from the casino game developers that they use. Whether it’s a new twist on a popular classic table game or the latest featureful online slot that has a massive progressive jackpot, 918KISS Casino will make sure they will have it among their games for punters to enjoy.

Many Payment Options

918KISS Casino also makes it very easy to both deposit and withdraw money from their online casino by providing players with a number of methods to do so. Each of these methods is also performed in a very efficient manner compared to most other casinos that seem to be very quick at receiving deposits but a lot slower when it comes to processing players withdrawal requests.

They value their reputation and will always strive to have all withdrawal requests completed as quickly as possible. Throughout their twenty-year tenure, SCR88 Casino has always put their customers first and that is why they are still here today and are able to offer such a fantastic gambling experience for their customers in Malaysia and across other parts of Asia as well.


As you can see from above, there are some fantastic reasons why you as players should test out 918KISS Casino if you have not done already. There are many other reasons as well as to why this casino is one of the best choices for those that like to gamble in Malaysia. Among those other reasons are the security that is offered on any transactions made, the high level of customer service that is afforded, the many different bonuses and promotions that are available and the fact that the casino and its games are completely mobile-optimised.

The latter means that players can play their slots or table games on any iOS or Android mobile device. No download is needed to play each game and they can all be powered up within seconds. This makes 918KISS Casino an excellent choice if you plan on playing online slots whenever you are out and about rather than just sat at home.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this in-depth review and hope that it has given you the insight that you were looking for regarding the hugely popular 918KISS Casino. We recommend that you give it a try the next time you are ready for some online gambling in Malaysia.