Knowing About the Art of Gambling and its Psychological Fails

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Peter Perkins Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Gambling can literally be something different to anybody that you ask, it could be a hobby, a form of entertainment, a profession, an addiction, a distraction, a night out, a social gathering, or just about any other opinion that a person might have formed upon it.

However you feel about gambling, there is no question that there is something of an artistic nature to it. Whether through the techniques and the skill involved, the manners and the etiquette shown by the dealers, staff, and the (majority) of players, there is a level of class, dignity, and sophistication when gambling at a casino.

It has an artistic, traditional, romantic, and glamorous feel that seems to be all wrapped into one to deliver a magical experience for the majority of us.

However, this romanticism often leads players to buying into their dreams of strutting into a casino, going on a massive heater and walking back out with wads of cash after a hugely successful session at the tables.

Escaping the Logical Fallacies of Online Gambling

It is commonly known that most gamblers are superstitious and that they strongly believe in luck. However, there is no evidence that luck even exists and in gambling it certainly does not either. Gambling is nothing more than a series of random moments that will go one way or the other.

This superstition is usually backed up by sayings that are regularly heard by those of us that love to gamble. However, these sayings are nothing but logical fallacies that should be avoided and escaped whenever they are recognized.

“I’m Due a Win”

This is easily one of the most common and bears no actual truth at all. Many us believe that if we have had a run of bad luck when gambling that we must be due a win. This is not true at all and there is nothing to suggest whether we are due a win or not.

To escape this we should only expect to lose at all times and hope that we win. Never go into a session expecting to win. If we have the expectation to lose, we are already prepared for the monetary loss and will only spend what we have already budgeted as a bankroll. We will also get an even more euphoric feeling if we do manage to come out of the session as a big winner.

 “I’ll Quit When I’m Ahead”

This saying is another common one that appears in our heads when we are gambling and is similar to when we say something like “Just one more drink and then I’ll leave”. The issue with this strain of thought is that it is impossible to know when you will be ahead and that once you get there, the likeliness of quitting is very little.

Additionally, if you are losing when this thought comes into your head, there will probably be a good reason as to why you are losing anyway and will have little chance at getting ahead at all. To escape this one, just quit as soon as you think this phrase or anything similar to it. This is a sign for you to stop playing, cut your losses and return to battle another day.

“I Knew I Should Have Bet On That…”

It is very easy to look at a loss as coming close to a win; psychologically we are telling ourselves that we are on the right track and very close to aligning the stars and getting everything just perfect. We are just convincing ourselves to carry on gambling and giving ourselves an excuse for losing.

The fact is that if you really did know you should have bet on a particular number, card, or roll of the dice at the time, you would have done. You didn’t though; you instead went with another instinct or strain of thought and placed your bet elsewhere. You obviously did not feel strongly enough about it when placing the bet so you should not be thinking that you almost got it right.

Besides any of that, just because you came close one time does not mean that you are any closer to a win than if you were well off the mark. Gambling in most games is based on pure chance and close calls will happen from time to time.

“The House Always Wins but Not This Time it won’t”

Never even try to convince yourself that you can beat the house, you cannot and nobody can…not in the long run anyway! You should not even have beating the house as your objective; you should just instead concentrate on winning some money during your session.

Everything is in the favor of the house, not just the odds but also the fact that they have a lot more money than you. Play there long enough and they will take all of it unless you are smart enough to walk away when you are winning.

Even if you do win in the short term, you will be back another day to give it back and they WILL get it back! There is simply no competition in the long run and you should ensure that you understand that. Walk away when you get a good score and enjoy it for the occasion that it is.

There are probably a dozen more sayings that leave us as gamblers clouded when it comes to our actions and plans at a casino table, yet those mentioned above will no doubt strike a chord with many of you as being the most commonly heard. It is quite possibly an impossible task to completely keep our heads on the right track when playing a session at the casino and things are not going our way but if we can remind ourselves about these sayings when they are, we just might be able to convince ourselves to walk away.