How Much Should You Be Betting Each Hand or Round?

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C9Bet Admin Sunday, September 24, 2017

If you are new to gambling and have never played popular games such as blackjack, craps, or roulette, it can be a little bit difficult to know just how much you should be betting every hand or round.

Of course, you will want to make sure that you can afford the amount you have decided to bet each time around but you will also have to be aware of what the minimum bets are in the particular establishment that you are playing.

Money management is a very important aspect of gambling and an aspect that many people ignore or do not take seriously enough. Many gamblers have crumbled because of poor money management and having the wrong attitude to gambling in general.

It is important to remember that the odds are always stacked against the gambler, so gambling should always be seen for fun rather than a way of getting rich quick. In fact, when you gamble you should always expect to lose, this way when you win, it feels so much better.

This is why you should always have a close eye on your money management and be very strict with yourself in how you handle it. This means understanding how much you should be looking to bet throughout a particular length session.

If you are playing on the Vegas Strip for instance, you will find that there is generally a minimum bet of $5 in most places but some of the more high class casinos could have minimum bets of between $10 and $25 per hand or round.

How to Know How Much You Should Be Betting?

The best way to work out what your betting limits should be is to establish the size of your budget and the length of the session you are planning to enjoy.

Let’s say you have $500 and want to enjoy a session that lasts four hours.

Straight away you should take 10% of your budget and discount that in any calculations. This ensures that you should have something left of your bankroll if you do not get lucky. So you now have $450 and need to break that down across the time that you are going to play.

We imagine that you would get 10 hands/rounds in per hour on average, so 40 hands/rounds in a four hour session. So simply divide 450 by 40 and you will get $11.25, which is the amount you can afford to gamble regularly throughout your session.

Of course, no casino is going to let you bet any change, so your actual bet amount will be $10 per hand/round. This also means that your change will add up and will give you another $50 in hand. This could either be saved along with your 10% from earlier or be used for additional costs such as food and drinks throughout your gambling experience.

You can use this method and calculations for any budget amount and the time you are planning to play. It will allow you to come up with a sensible amount to bet per hand rather than you losing all of your money within a few hands of a five hour session.

Never think about going to that ATM and getting more money out that was not first budgeted for in a session. If you have lost all of your money, there is probably a very good reason for it and you should be quitting anyway. You are only going to lose further money and make your situation a whole lot worse.

At least if you only lost what you originally planned to gamble, it is not money that you need for other areas of your life. Just suck up the loss and think about building up another budget for next time so that you can go to battle once again.

Why Not Practice First Before Hitting the Casino?

Before you should even think about how much you are going to be betting on a game over a period of time, you should first make sure that you know how to play the game and understand its rules.

Once you get into a casino, there is no place where you can really learn how to play the games unless you are going to stand and watch other players for an extended period of time. This means that it is going to be quite difficult to have a good time as you are probably going to lose a lot of money betting on something that you do not understand.

The way around this is to practice online before you even make your trip to the casino. You do not even have to risk any money either as many online casinos allow you to play at free tables. This can be done for pretty every type of casino game that you can imagine from Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, and even the many slot machines that are available.

You can sit and play for as long as you like, get an understanding of both the game and its rules, and put yourself into a much better position for when you do venture to your local casino.

You will also find that there are online casinos that allow you to play these games for real money too, so if you ever fancy just sitting in front of your computer rather than travelling to a casino, you can do just that.

There are also bonuses and rewards that you can avail when playing online which are a lot more valuable than what you will find at brick and mortar casinos. This includes welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses and even loyalty bonuses and rewards. These can all add up to give you a lot more value when you are going to have a session at your favorite online casino.