Genting Set to Open its Doors on its US Gambling Empire

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B. Wright Friday, April 19, 2019

Since 2013, we have heard rumourings that Malaysia’s largest gaming group was preparing to build a resort and casino on the Las Vegas Strip unlike anything else that had been built there before. At least not in several decades.

We have felt our excitement ebb and flow on a fairly consistent basis, each time hearing news that the project was either underway or being stalled for one reason or another. And we have at certain times lost hope completely. Now, all our doubts are fading and we couldn’t be more thrilled at the prospect of playing at a Genting casino and resort on the famed Vegas Strip.

Genting has been building awe-inspiring casinos around the world for a very long time, but the $4 billion project on the Strip will by the company’s first US venture. The plan, of course, is to build something so grand that Genting will immediately place itself among the top dogs in Vegas, thus cementing its Empire for years to come.

A long time coming

Not every megaresort takes as long to be built as Resorts World Las Vegas has. In fact, the entire project was meant to take only three years to complete, but the Genting ran into a few hurdles along the way.

There have been a few redesigns to the casino and hotel portions which added time to the project. Originally slated to open its doors in 2016, Resorts World Las Vegas is no looking at a 2020 deadline. It seems the Genting’s 2013 gamble ( is finally going to see some action.

What to expect from Resorts World Las Vegas

When we say that Genting is looking to build a US empire, that’s exactly what we mean. They have already been busy for years investing in other types of project throughout the US, but this casino will be different both in scope and style.

The $4 billion casino will focus on Chinese culture and clientele but will, of course, welcome guest from all walks of life. The entire theme of the resort and casino will take after traditional Chinese traditions and will offer a wide range of products and levels of service.

The entire casino will be built to accommodate more than 100,000 square feet of gaming offerings, along with restaurants, shops, clubs, and much more. The short answer to what to expect from this impressive project is simply, “expect the same great experiences that you would from any of the other big league players on the Strip.”

Will Genting’s Vegas Casino Venture Gamble Pay Off?

The smart money says yes. No matter how long it may have taken Malaysia’s largest gaming group to get their newest US gaming venture off the ground, they have the resources to back up the promises they have made. More importantly, Genting has been recognised by some of Las Vegas’s most influential politicians for the amount of revenue and jobs the project has and will create.

Once opened, you can expect Resorts World Las Vegas to become a Vegas Strip mainstay. The only question left to ask yourself is when you are going to buy your tickets.