Casino Brain Teaser: Investing Your Money

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Jimmy D Friday, February 22, 2019

Investing your money sensibly and strategically is a term drummed into your head from an early age. However, most people ignore the fact that they should be thoughtfully investing their surplus idol cash in a place that makes the money do the work; after all, money makes money. Wise investments are those made with people that are constantly assessing how they can limit the risk against land sliding economic or industry factors. Just recently, it was interesting to see that the very same principles of investment are applied to that of the game of poker.

After a little research, it has been actually quite amazing to have found out similar poker players are to wise investors.

Daniel Negreanu is one of the world’s best known poker professionals in the business. He has made millions of dollars playing live poker and has become a professional online PokerStars player. He is often seen video blogging online via YouTube and PokerStars giving advice on how to make the right investment decisions when committing cash to a pot in poker.

 Making reliable investment decisions

Now after watching the video above, you could rightfully question what this has to do with investing your surplus or planned savings in order to make your money make more money. The answer is simple. Here the strategy is to understand the potential that each starting hand has in poker. The very same principle would apply to the investment opportunities that you research.

In effect, a good set of cards is the same as investing in reliable shares on the stock market. For example, even someone that does not play poker will surely have a good idea of the fact that Ace-Ace is the best possible starting hand in the game. You are likely going to put a lot of faith in this hand and invest a large sum of cash because there is high percentage chance that you will win and make money. The same rule should be considered with stocks, shares and investments. If you know that the particular economy or market you are researching is strong, then you are going to have to consider investing into this option.

Bankroll management

Ensuring that you manage your money is probably the most essential aspect involved in investments. This is a concept that should be fairly obvious to even the newbies in the investment world. Canadian born and professional poker player, Daniel Negreanu, pretty much sums up the fact of life when it comes to managing your bank roll in a short two minute video.

You should always keep track of what you spend, and try to live within your means. Don’t try and investment too much cash that will leave you unable to pay for your monthly expenses. In short, you should plan your finances realistically in order to ensure you have some money left over for investment opportunities.

Using percentage decisions

Percentage decisions in poker are used to limit the risk and make the right long term decisions. This principle is yet another highly obvious facet of investment in the financial world. If there is a 25% of the investment being successful, then you are probably not going to take the risk unless the return justifies the risk. Financial investment is all about making the right decisions and good investment bets.

Money comes easier with common sense

Weighing up the facts pointed out by Daniel Negreanu, and the real world of financial investments, much of your investment success will come from purely and simply using your common sense. Research the markets you are investing to ensure you invest in highly rewarding schemes. Manage your money correctly, and finally make sure high risk investments offer a high return to make the risk worthwhile.