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Friday, June 29, 2018

There are several aspects to look out for when you are choosing a slot. For example, do you want a slot you can play only on mobile or do you want to play on both desktop and mobile?

Malaysian Online Casinos Offering Desktop and Mobile Slots

Check out Newtown online casino if you want to also play casino games on your desktop or laptop. There is an app download for Windows and Mac operating systems available on the Newtown Casino review page.

Check it out here: C9bets Newtown Casino Review Page

Here you will find the online slots section that gives you can overview of the type of slots Newtown casino has to offer. In addition to this, you will be able to get an idea of other games that are offered at this casino. Check out the LIVE Dealer suite section if you like to play games such as Blackjack and Roulette.

Looking at the Return to Player (RTP)

Make sure you look at the RTP of every slot you want to play. Here on c9bets we do our best to review as many online slots as possible. We also give you the name of the online casinos where you will find these online slots. We have dedicated a full article to how RTP works.

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Online Slot Features

We have a flurry of online slots feature articles that you should read if you are new to slots or if you cannot decide which slots to play. Once you have determined the RTP of a slot, you will then want to know which features a slot offers because it is the feature bonus rounds, free spins, and wild symbols that will help you land big wins.

Here are 2 blogs we have that will get you started with slot machine symbols:

  • Wild Symbols Blog
  • Scatter Symbols Blog

A quick overview of what to look for:

In this section we will give you the questions you should be asking yourself before you start playing an online slot.

  1. How many paylines does the slot have?
  2. What is the minimum and maximum bet?
  3. Which features does the slot have?
  4. How many free spins will I win?
  5. What multipliers are there?
  6. What style of bonus round does the game offer?
  7. Can I adjust the number of lines I can bet?
  8. Do I need to bet coins on each line?
  9. What bet sizes will be best for this slot?

Bet Sizing and Budget

One of the areas you will need to master when it comes to any gambling game is your bet sizing. You will need to make sure that you do not bet on the slots or on each spin with an amount that is going to eat through your bankroll quickly. If you do this, then you are likely going to run out of money playing slots very fast.

SA single spin on a slot can be over in a matter of seconds. Every losing spin is going to leave you empty handed needless to say. If you are betting to high, and you are on a cold streak (The slot is not paying out), then you are going to have problems with your casino account balance.

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Bonus Rounds

There are several different types of bonus rounds that you can play depending on the slot. You have interactive bonuses where you will use a mixture of luck and skill, and you will have bonus rounds that will just require you interact in order for the resulting award to be paid out. These bonus rounds could involve clicking a button to roll a dice or dice, and it could just as easily be a pick me round.

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How do Slot Pay-out?

Understanding how different slots pay out is important because this is how you will be able to form a strategy. Although the slot does all the hard work for you by calculating the wins for you when they land on the reels, it still doesn’t hurt to understand how pay line slots and non-pay line slots work.

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Coin Bets and Line Bets

This actually goes hand in hand with bet sizing. Every slot will either allow you to bet per line or bet coins per line. The difference is every so slight. You will need to understand the diverse array of betting options available to you on each different slot. This will help you budget your spin bets as well as understand how to increase your max bet if you are already betting the maximum amount per coin on every line.

To briefly explain, some slot will let you increase the size of the bet per line. You will have a minimum and maximum line bet. Once you meet the maximum line bet, that means you are betting the maximum per spin. On the other hand, some slots will require you to give each coin a value. Each coin has a minimum and maximum bet amount attached to it.

You will then bet 1 coin per line. However, you also get the option to bet 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 coins per line. This means on a 20 pay line slot, if you are betting 10 coins per line, you will need to multiply 20 line by 10 coins making it a 200 coin bet. To get the monetary value of this bet, you will need to multiply 200 by the amount you have bet per coin. For instance, if each coin is worth 1 RM, then 1 RM multiplied by 200 coins bet equals a 200 RM bet.

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There is so much to learn about online slots play that it can be mind boggling at first. However, slots are actually quite easy to play. Once you have mastered how they work and how the different betting variations work in each slot, then you can begin looking into your slot strategy. Check out the c9bets slots strategy category on our blog and sort the articles using the sorting filter at the top of the blog. You will then get a full comprehensive list of all the online slots at c9bets.com.

Thank you for reading and please do not forget to leave any comments or message us on our support if you have any questions or of there is a particular subject that you would like to request us to blog about.