Book of Ra IGT Online Slot Game Review

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Jim Sunday, August 25, 2019

Book of Ra is still an incredibly enjoyable and popular slot. It is straightforward, numerous features, and a medium variance that ensures a good mix bertween regualr and features wins.

Theme and Story Line

Think about a certain Indiana Jones and you pretty much have the theme for Book of Ra. In this In this adventure storyline you join an artifact hunter on journey that takes you through the tombs of Egypt in search of ancient riches.

Graphics, Sounds, and Animations

Book of Ra is approaching its 15th birthday so it is a little understandable that graphically, it might be looking a bit outdated these days. That said, as Novomatics most successful slot of all time and easily in the top 5 most played slots since online slots became a thing, it still holds up very well.

The graphics are really not that bad anyway, they might not be able to compete with some of these modern-day slots but Book of Ra is still HD, has a few animations and runs smoothly. Who really cares about graphics in the pursuit of money anyhow? This is not Call of Duty. Additionally, dated graphics just mean more people can play the slot due to requiring fewer system resources.

The animations take place whenever a winning combination is created or a bonus feature has been activated. That is about as far as they go. As for the sound, again a little dated. There is no soundtrack and just a little tune that plays as the reels are spinning. This is reminiscent of the traditional slot machines that you would have enjoyed in decades gone by.

Admittedly, you can find better graphics but this is really only one downside to an otherwise excellent online slot. Players will also be happy that it functions flawlessly across all mobile and desktop devices.


There are 5-reels and 9 pay lines on Book of Ra which again, is far fewer than you will find on most modern-day slots. Players can choose how many of those pay lines that they would like to wager on. We always advise covering all pay lines when playing online slots. If you wanted to lower your overall stake, lower the bet amount rather than lines covered.

Players can easily find out more information on the symbols, winning combinations, their payouts, rules, and the special features of Book of Ra by going into the paytable. This is done by clicking the little ‘?’ that can be found in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

There are ten symbols on the Book of Ra video slot with our Indian Jones lookalike being the most lucrative in terms of landing it in one-off combinations. He will pay you an astonishing 5,000x the line bet if landed 5 times across a winning combination, 1,000x for 4 times, 100x for 3 times, and even 10x just for landing him twice.

The paytable will explain the remaining symbols on the reels and their payouts but there are three more game-specific symbols and five playing-card style symbols that can record you some wins. 

Slot Bonuses and Features

As you might expect, the Book of Ra symbol is the games feature symbol. In fact, it is three feature symbols all rolled into one. It is a wild symbol that will substitute for any needed symbol on the reels, a scatter symbol that pays out for landing three, two, or even a single time on the reels, and also the games bonus symbol.

When a player lands that bonus symbol three times anywhere in view on the reels, the Book of Ra bonus feature will activate. That feature is a free spins round that also features an expanding symbol that can help players to pull in some very impressive wins.

There are 10 free spins awarded upon activation of this round and at the beginning, one symbol is chosen randomly on the reels to become the expanding symbol. During the free spins round, should this randomly selected symbol land on the reels, it may expand to cover positions, guaranteeing some payouts. You can just imagine if you were to land this symbol more than once on the reels at the same time!

Not so much a bonus but a feature nonetheless is the gamble feature. This feature allows players to gamble away with any wins that come in on the reels. By hitting ‘Risk’ after landing a winning combination, players can guess the color of the next playing card to try and double up. Word of warning though, guess wrong and you will lose the lot.

Betting, RTP and Video Slot Variance

One of the reasons Book of Ra is so popular with players is because it is ideal for a wide range of bankrolls. Players can bet a minimum of 1.00 per line or as much as 100.00 per line. This means a player covering all nine lines will be able to bet anywhere between 9.00 and 900.00 per spin of the reels.

We do have to say that the 92.13% RTP is a little bit of a turn off with Book of Ra but again this is to do with its age. Online slots these days can have RTP’s as high as 97-98% which means there is a better chance of a player maximizing their wins and minimizing their losses.

What will please many is the medium variance that Book of Ra has. High variance slots are ideal for high rollers as they offer few wins but higher payouts while low variance slots are perfect for small budgets for the opposite reason. Book of Ra falls somewhere in the middle and should pay out some decent amounts on a fairly regular basis.


The only downsides to Book of Ra in the eyes of some would be the outdated graphics and a rather low RTP. We think that the slots positives far outweigh those though, and it would seem many others have thought exactly the same over the years. The slot offers entertaining gameplay, a lucrative free spins round, and is ideal for high rollers due to its high betting limits and combination payouts.