All About Promotional Codes at Online Casinos

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Emily Tan Thursday, October 12, 2017

If you have been a regular player at online casinos over the years, you will probably know all about the many bonus codes that are available such as no deposit bonus codes. These will generally be used to attract you to a casino or to give you the incentive to stay at one.

However, many of you may not realize that there are also promotional codes that can also award you with some discounts, free chips, or other bonuses such as being able to take part in special events.

These codes are yet another way for casinos to not only impress and reward their players but also attract new players and build up their player bases. If you do play at online casinos, you really should be keeping your eyes out for the latest promotional codes and making sure that you do not miss any.

We are going to run through what promotional codes are, how you can use them, and the different types that are usually available.

What is a Promotional Code?

A promotional code is basically the same thing as a voucher or coupon that you can use when purchasing something except they are in digital form. These can be entered at an online casino to be exchanged for free chips or other bonuses. Promotional codes are usually handed out as a reward for competitions, across social media through a time limited promotion, or sent to an email address associated to an account at their casino.

How Promotional Codes Can Be Used

Generally, promotional codes can be entered whenever you make a new deposit at an online casino and will give you some kind of additional bonus for your money. This could be some free money, a discount, or any other kind of associated perk.

When you go to make a new deposit you will usually see a field that allows you to input any promotional code. As long as you and your deposit meet the requirements of the promotion, you will be given the extras that the promotional code promises.

All promotional codes act in the same way as physical vouchers in that they will only be valid for a set period of time. So if you do find yourself a promotional code, make sure that you know its validity and that you use it in time before it expires.

Why Do Online Casinos Offer Promotional Codes?

Promotional codes are not thrown around for no reason and though they may only seem beneficial to the player, they are actually a mutually beneficial tool for both the player and the online casino.

Players get a nice little bonus on top of their deposits while the casino takes a little step towards ensuring that their players are happy and will most likely stay at the casino and deposit more money in the future.

People that would not normally consider themselves as regular online gamblers may see a promotional code and decide that the financial risk is a lot less when making a purchase. They then have the potential to enjoy their experience and become a more regular player at the casino. This in turn obviously brings more money to the online casino and also increases its player base at the same time.

Additionally, online casinos will no doubt use promotional codes for research purposes too. They will be able to learn some valuable information regarding the demographics of players that enjoy these bonuses such as their age, gender, and where they are from. This allows them to see the areas that they should be focusing on in terms of marketing and which areas to avoid.

What Types of Promotional Codes are There?

There are three types of promotional codes essentially, public, private, and restricted. Here you can learn more about each type of promotional code and who can use them. Some of the promotional codes will be available for everybody while others may be targeted at specific people only.

  • Public Codes


This type of code is open to absolutely anyone that wants them and will usually be found at casino review sites and affiliate sites. As long as a player meets the requirements of this type of promotional code, they are able to use them as many times as they like.

  • Private Codes


Private promotional codes are usually only available for certain people to use. His could be based on certain demographics such as the location of players. An example would be a promotional code that is only allowed to be used by British players.

  • Restricted Codes


Restricted promotional codes are usually limited to be used by just one particular player. This could be a loyal player that an online casino would like to reward for their loyalty. It could also be a competition winner that has one a particular bonus or even as way of an apology to somebody should an online casino have made some kind of mistake in their account in the past.

The Terms and Conditions

As with any other type of bonus or code that is offered by an online casino there will be some terms and conditions associated with any promotional code. These should always be read as they will stipulate what is required for a person to be eligible to use them.

An example would be that the terms and conditions would state the minimum amount of money that is required when making a deposit to qualify to use the code. It will also explain other requirements such as the demographics of a person required and how long the promotional code will be valid for.

Even though most of us are guilty of not reading terms and conditions, it really is worth it when using promotional codes as you will learn exactly what they are about and what is required of you to qualify for them.