Aladdin Slot Review

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Jimmy Thursday, March 22, 2018

On the Aladdin slot game has become quite popular as the theme is well-known and thus it attracts a lot of players. This is a 50 Pay Line slot machine with a bonus round, scatter multiplier, free spins, and a wild symbol that also doubles up as the highest paying symbol in the game. The game was produced by the slot developer Simbat, which is a well-known slot developer in Europe and Asia.

Game Play

This is a very easy game to play and is one of the reasons it has become so popular. There are multiple symbols to land plus you have additional features that will help you bank even more cash.

Symbols include Aladdin, Princess Jasmin, a man wearing a turban, Aladdin and Princess Jasmin on a flying castle, another man wearing blue, the palace, a bag of gold and 2 swords crossing.

The highest paying symbol in the game is actually the gold genie lamp, which is the wild symbol. This symbol pays out 10,000x per coin on a line for 5. The scatter symbol is also very useful as it pays out multipliers of your entire spin bet rather than line bet. You can win up to 200x your bet.

There is also a bonus symbol that kick starts a free spin round and a wild symbol that will help you complete more winning combinations.

Overall the graphics are reasonable enough and the gameplay quite fat. It makes for an enjoyable game that can be played at both high and low stakes depending on the number of lines you choose and the number of coins you bet, which you can read more about in the next section.
How to Bet

1. All you need to do is select how many lines you would like to bet by pressing the ‘Select Lines’ button which will alter the number in the ‘Lines’ box.

2. Next, select how many coins you want to bet per line. This is done by pressing the ‘Bet One’ button. Each time you press this button, you will increase the number of coins per line by 1.

3. The ‘Total Bet’ box will show you how many coins you are betting. This is calculated by multiplying the number in the ‘Lines’ box by the number in the ‘Total Bet’ box.

4. You will need to select on the far right-hand side how much money you want to bet per coin. Then the number of coins you bet is multiplied by the amount you want to bet.
Scatter Symbol

Scatter symbols are incredibly helpful because they are not tied to a pay line. This is the easiest symbol to land and is also one of the most helpful symbols on the Aladdin slot.