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James D Friday, December 28, 2018

Fast fold poker requires a different strategy to playing a standard game of poker. In fast fold games, you can get through your card variation at a rate of knots by just using the fast fold feature that allows you to fold and immediately move to a new table. The result of this play is two-fold. Firstly, you do not have to wait for the hand to finish, and secondly, you will immediately be dealt a new hand within a split second. This calls for a different strategy and helps you to learn the art of folding in your standard games of poker.

Many players will only play premium hands in fast-fold Texas Holdem poker because they have the chance to do so. For instance, you could be dealt 7-6 off suit and immediately fold that hand because you don’t like it. In a standard game after you have folded, you would have to hang around and watch the action finish for however long it takes for the pot to be settled. On the other hand, in fast-fold you fold and you could be dealt A-A the very next second.
Players will just click fast fold for every below average hand, so in a matter of 20 seconds, you could have seen 10 hands already.

Now when it comes to stats like VPIP (Voluntarily Putting Money into the Pot) your ratio of 10 hands and 10 folds will be 0%. This is quite normal in this style of game because as you start to get a string of better hands, you will begin to enter money into the pot and the VPIP will start to average out. Of course, you can now get the idea that fast fold poker is in fact a very tight game.

You need to play with what is known as a tight-aggressive style. Generally suited connectors and low pocket pairs do not work in fast fold poker. This tends to make the game more exciting and you get a lot more pairs, two-pairs and sets winning hands. When straights and flushes are shown at the showdown portion of the game they are also usually quite strong owing to the fact that many players are going into the pot with only premium hands such as A-Q suited or A-J suited type hands and happened to hit a straight or flush along the way.

The great thing is about fast-fold poker is you get a very quick feel for poker because you are playing so many hands in such a short space of time. It also eliminates the boredom factor that is common in standard poker games where you may be tempted to play a bad hand out of frustration. This then teaches you the art of folding because when you are playing your standard games faced with large raises, you can always question whether you would make the same play in fast fold. Usually, if the answer is not, then you should fold.