Where is SCR888 Online Casino in 2018?

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

If you are not already aware, SCR888 is now no longer in operation and instead is known as 918Kiss casino. This rebranding occurred in 2017 and means that the former SCR888 clientele has now been moved over to the new 918Kiss online casino.

SCR888 is now 918Kiss Mobile Casino

For those of you that are returning after some time away from gambling online or for those of you that have read great reviews about SCR888 and you are looking to play at the online/mobile casino, then don’t worry because 918Kiss is the renewed and improved version of its former SCR888 self.

How can I change my old SCR888 account to 918Kiss?

If you were once an SCR888 player and you are looking to change your account to 918Kiss, then don’t worry because this should be quite easy. Due to the fact that SCR888 never allowed people to directly sign up with their casino, you should have an SCR888 account with a casino agent such as ourselves – C9bets.

All you need to do is contact our chat and we will check your account with us and get you started on the new 918Kiss platform. If your account was with another online casino agent, then you will need to contact them to have it changed over to 918Kiss.

The process is very easy for the casino agents, so there should be no issues with getting this done.

What is different about 918Kiss compared to SCR888?

There are a few minor changes to mention. Obviously, the name is different, so the branding and colour schemes are new and rebranded to the new 918Kiss mobile casino.

Are the games on the new 918Kiss casino the same as the old SCR888 Casino?

Most of the games have remained the same; however, there are some new added games on 918Kiss casino. This is a nice touch because of course we all like to see new games in order to vary the way we play.

If you are looking for the classic SCR888 12 Roulette games, these still exist, to which we have already created a review for these roulette games.

How can I compare the old SCR888 website with the new 918Kiss website?

Just go over to our casino reviews pages.

  1. 918Kiss Review
  2. SCR888 Review

Here you will find our full review of the once formidable SCR888 brand name, and on the first link you will find a review of now very formidable, new and improved version of SCR888 now known as 918Kiss casino.

We give you a full games list to look through and the ability to download the apk for the 918Kiss casino. Also, make sure you always keep an eye our blog section for slot reviews and other interesting news about the latest happenings in the Malaysian online casino market. You can also catch up with some strategy by reading about slots strategy, as well as slots reviews - many of which you will find in the 918Kiss casino.

If you have any further questions about the change from SCR888 to 918Kiss, please feel free to contact our support team on the home page where you will find the live chat. You can also go to our contact us page for an array of other ways to get in touch with our knowledgeable and helpful support team at C9Bets.