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Thursday, April 5, 2018

As the new 918Kiss mobile casino starts to create a lot of hype in Malaysia, we have been looking at the current games list and reviewing just what is in store for new members of the once SCR888 mobile casino. There are a few new games, but we wanted to cover a section of the 918Kiss casino gaming section that we have only briefly touched on in the past; namely the Arcade section offering several variations of Roulette.

Only 1 Zero On 918Kiss Arcade Style Roulette Tables

Roulette is usually based on 36 numbers on the board plus a zero making it 37 numbers to spin. On 918Kiss the roulette games in the Arcade Games section of the mobile casino use the European style of Roulette.

You can easily tell because the US version of roulette plays with 38 numbers, which is still based on 36 numbers plus the zero, but US Roulette also adds a ‘zero zero’ to the board. This extra number on the board reduces the odds of hitting your inside and outside bets.

Instead of having a 37 to 1 chance of hitting a straight bet or an 18.5 to 1 chance of hitting a split bet, the US version increases these odds to 38 to 1 and 19 to 1 respectively.

None of the Roulette boards in the Arcade section have two zeros, which thus reduces the house odds. Naturally, the house has a reduced edge with European Roulette compared to the US version.

Reinvented 918Kiss Roulette Arcade Games

 In the arcade section of 918Kiss there are variations of Roulette that have reinvented the number system on the wheel and board. The same outside bets are available; such as, red or black, even or odds, 1-12 or 13-24 as well as column and dozen bets. It is the inside bets that have had some modifications as 918Kiss’s gaming supplier offers tables with less as well as more than 37 numbers.

Roulette 24

On the SCR888 casino the Roulette 24 game was very popular. It reduces the numbers on the board to 25. There are 1 to 24 numbers and a zero to play. High and Low bets are changed to 1 to 12 and 13 to 24. Aside from this, without pointing out the obvious, there are less red or black number and less odd or even number, but the odds are effectively the same as a traditional roulette table. 

With less numbers there is more action. Inevitably the chances of landing a number you have within one of your bets are improved compared to a 37-number table.

The odds of hitting a straight bet improve from 37 to 1 down to 25 to 1. Split bets improve from 18.5 to 1 down to 12.5 to 1. For other best such as street bets, the odds are roughly 8.33 to 1 spin not counting the zero into this calculation. Corner bets have a 6.25 to 1 chance of being successful; while six-line-bets offer 4.17 to 1 odds. 

Roulette 12

This Roulette game on 918Kiss gives players the chance to bet in a Roulette board with only 12 numbers on it. This means the outside bets affected the most are the high or low bets. The numbers change to 1-6 for low bets and 7-12 for high bets.

For those that are seasoned Roulette players and love to place inside bets, then expect more action on this table compared to Roulette 22 and the traditional table game versions of Roulette that have 37 numbers including the zero.

The Roulette 12 game offers great odds giving a 1 in 13 chance to hit a straight bet, a 1 in 6.5 chance of landing a split bet, 1 in 4.33 for street bets, corner bets offer a 1 in 3.25 chance of paying out, and six-line-bets offer a 2.17 to 1 chance of hitting and are effectively the same as column and dozen bets.

Roulette 73

This game totally changes the game of Roulette. The odds are much more widely spread compared to a traditional Roulette table and the action is nowhere near as fast paced or fast paying as the action you will get playing Roulette 12 or Roulette 24. This means that probability of winning is far less, but if you hit your bets, then the pay outs are high.

Although at first glance this looks like there are 73 numbers on the board, this is not the case. All that has happened is that when naming this variation of Roulette, the game’s developer decided to include the zero into the count. Therefore, there the board has numbers 1 to 72 as well as single zero staying true to the European style of the game.

The same odds of winning an outside bet apply to Roulette 73 as it does to each version of Roulette covered in this blog as well as for traditional games of Roulette. The high or low bets have been changed to reflect the new numbers and so they will appear as 1 to 36 for low bets and 37 to 72 for high bets.

A single number straight bet on Roulette 73 comes with 73 to 1 odds of landing the bet. Split bets are 36.5 to 1. Next up are street bets in which the odds of a successful street bet come in at close to 24.33 to 1. Landing a successful corner bet has odds of 18.25 to 1. Finally, six-line-bets will have a 12.17% chance of being successful.

Fun Roulette Games!

We really like the fact that 918Kiss has reinvented the options available to mobile casino players in Malaysia by including these three additional Roulette games into their gaming section. Just take note that although traditional Roulette is found under the table game section on 918Kiss, to play Roulette 12, Roulette 24, or Roulette 73, you will need to head over to the Arcade section.

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