6 Big Advantages of Playing SCR888 (now 918Kiss) Mobile Slot Games

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C9bet Admin Tuesday, June 20, 2017

So what makes playing mobile slot games better than playing the offerings at other online casinos in Malaysia? Why should you always think of SCR888 casino before any other when you decide you want some betting action?

Truth be told, there are quite a few big reasons. You just have to look at the reputation of SCR888 first of all. They are renowned for being the safest and most honest online casino in the whole Southeast Asia region. They always payout, are quick at doing so, and will always make sure that their loyal players are rewarded.

You could also talk about a variety of other advantages to using SCR888 mobile online slots for your betting sessions as well, of which we are going to do below.

Easy to Download

To get access to the many mobile online slots at the casino could never be easier. All you need is an Android or iOS device! Simply go and download the required app from the play stores and you are done. The downloading is extremely quick to finish and will have you in the casino playing some highly entertaining slots within just a couple of minutes.

The Selection of Games

Now you might think that SCR888 make their own slots games for their online casino, yet you could not be further from the truth. In actual fact they are in a partnership with one of the world’s leading casino games providers call PlayTech. They are a UK-based casino games developer that is responsible for some of the best and most popular slots games in the world.   They also supply their games and partner with hundreds of different online casinos the world over.

PlayTech has literally hundreds of high quality games on offer and SCR888 online casino has access to a large selection of them. Games like Great Blue, Safari Heat, Bonus Bear, and Monkey Thunderbolt are the most popular at the casino at the moment. Blue Bear in particular was the slot that had paid out the most so fat in 2017.

Can Play Classic Table Games as Well

Some online casinos prefer to only provide slots games. This is their decision of course and one which we respect but at the same time they are going to lose some players. Not all players only want to play slots; sometimes they want to try something different for a change.

This is where classic table games like Roulette, BlackJack, and Baccarat come to the rescue. These games offer up just as much excitement as you can play against other players and even have a live dealer and table to play on! A Camera is set up with a camera feed and you can actually witness everything as it happens. You will be betting on a real Roulette wheel, and a real Blackjack table.

How cool is that? It is definitely something that you have to try at least once in your lifetime.

Very Mobile Friendly

We live in a fast-moving world where technology is just getting better and better all of the time.  Just look at how we have gone from simple mobile phones to Smartphone’s that can now connect to the internet on the go, watch movies, play games, and do a bunch of other smart stuff.

For that reason, online casinos have to respond fast to keep up with the ever improving technologies that use them. Mobile slots were some of the first in Malaysia to become mobile friendly. This meant that the casino games could be played on small mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

You can now walk down the street with your cellphone in hand, playing some high quality slots action. Just be careful not to scream out too loud when you win, you might shock some people!

Impressive Progressive Jackpots

Many online casinos will have progressive jackpot slots on their sites but none of them are as popular as those that can be found on SCR888. Could you imagine winning as much as millions in Ringgits in one spin? It can be possible through playing at progressive slots.

Progressive slots work by increasing from every spin that ANY player plays on them. So essentially, the jackpot just keeps on growing until one lucky player wins it. It then resets to zero and starts climbing again.

So if nobody wins the progressive jackpot for some time, it could literally just keep climbing into the millions and millions until somebody does!

High Quality Graphics

The SCR888 slots that have been provided by PlayTech offer up some stunning graphics and animations.

These slots are no longer just a few spinning reels like they used to be many years ago, they are now like a piece of art when it comes to the smooth high definition graphics that can be displayed in as high as 3k resolution.

Players like to play slots that look good as well as play well, so it is always in the interests of SCR888 and PlayTech to continuously improve their offerings.

High Payouts

We all dream of hitting the jackpots and winning some life-changing money don’t we? Well, at SCR888, not only do you have a higher chance of this happening compared to most other online casinos, the amounts that you could win will be bigger too. Even the standard payouts on the SCR888 mobile slots games will be higher than many competitors.

Do not forget that some games even have a progressive jackpot that could literally win you millions if you’re lucky enough!

With each of the advantages listed above, I think we have shown just why SCR888 is one of the very best online casinos for you to play on in Malaysia. There is a massive range of slots from SCR888 to choose from, a high level of security for your transactions, some excellent graphics, and of course some mega payouts to keep you more than interested.

Find out more from c9bets.com/scr888 where you can sign up for this magical online casino.