5 of the Very First Virtual Reality Gambling Games

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MOHAMMAD SAIFUL Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Isn’t technology great? We’re certainly living in a great generation that is seeing technology evolve at an unbelievable rate. First we had the internet, then mobile phones, then broadband technology followed by smartphones. Now we have super-fast internet that can be used wirelessly across fiber or even data connections meaning we have access to the information, games, movies, or anything else that we want, at the drop of a hat.

Online gambling has come a long way as well, and now we’re seeing it use the latest virtual reality technology that means we can literally be at the tables in person without actually being ‘in person’.

It was only a few months ago when VR actually became a ‘real’ thing for online casinos but since then, more and more are dialing in to this latest technology. They want to be able to provide their customers with the best experience possible and VR is where that experience is going to be for the foreseeable future.

There are not many VR games available just yet for gamblers but there are a few. We’re going to bring you five of them that are being played at casinos as we speak.


NetEnt entered the VR realm straight away and have already released a number of slots games and casino games that can be enjoyed using VR technology. One of their most successful to date has been Starburst, a remake of one of their most popular online slots and one that many players would class as a classic. Its release has certainly gone down well with gamblers, with many loving the fantastic graphics, its immersive sound effects and soundtrack, and gameplay that will keep everyone interested for hours on end.

The slot game itself has 10 pay-lines which is considered quite low by today’s standards. However, it’s a very high stakes game that has some outstanding payouts, so this has ensured that players keep returning for more action. The standards set by this online slot are very high, which can only mean we have great things to come from the VR world as the technology becomes better understood and utilized.

Online Roulette

If you’ve ever been to an actual land based casino, you’’ know that the table games on offer will usually be where the real excitement is. Roulette is one of these games where tensions are high and the rewards large for those with willing to take a risk. There is a reason the game is a permanent fixture in almost every casino the world over and while it is still enjoyable online using standard software, it lacks that environment that the real game offers.

This is why actually being there via virtual reality is so exciting. You can get the best of both worlds as you get to immerse yourself into a real casino environment while still not actually having to leave your home. Roulette was among the first games to be tested using VR and can be found at many casinos online now.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Many of the world’s leading slots developers jumped straight into the virtual reality world as soon as the technology was there to allow them to do so. Net Entertainment is one of those that have already released online slots that can be played using VR technology. ‘Jacks World’, Jack and the Beanstalk was actually the developers first release using VR technology and it shows just a glimpse of what we can expect to see more of in the future.

It makes use of the technology provided by Google Cardboard that allows users to use hardware connected to their smartphones that delivers a form of virtual reality. This hardware is a head mount that a user wears.

Jacks World was first showcased at the ICE convention a few months back but is now available to play at selected online casinos.

Miss Midas

Miss Midas is another variation of a classic slot game that has been modified and optimized so that it can be played through virtual reality technology. The NextGen title ‘King Midas’ was and still is a massively popular online slot but in this version the King has been replaced by the beautiful Miss Midas.

Both the King and Miss Midas have the ability to turn everyday objects into gold, which is a very handy power we have to admit. This is also great news for players that are trying to win money, as gold is always welcome when on a quest for riches.

The virtual reality upgrade has meant that a newer generation of players will be able to enjoy this 25 pay-line slot for many years to come.

Online Blackjack

In much the same way as Roulette, Blackjack is one of those games that traditional casinos are famed for. The excitement they bring and the thrills and spills and general ride of emotion as you see the cards flipping over each time, is something else. This is why you will always see Blackjack in the many movies whenever the action is set in or around a casino, as its where the true gambling action takes place.

Blackjack was another of the first games to be tested on virtual reality and then released to casinos that wanted to use it. At the moment its in a fairly simple form as far as graphics go but you can only imagine the improvements that we are going to see as the VR technology continues to be improved.

So there you have it, five of the very best virtual reality games that are currently doing the rounds at online casinos in 2017. It’s a small collection but as the technology evolves and the game developers get a better understanding of the technology at their fingertips, we expect there to be a huge influx of games being released regularly. It’s an exciting time to be gambling online and a time that you really do not want to miss out on.