3 Slot Facts That Will Help You Improve Your ROI

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

There are so many slot strategies to read and some of them are indeed very useful, but let’s be honest, most of them are just someone living in a dream world or a writer trying to get you to sign up to an online casino. There is, of course, the argument that slots are based purely on luck, therefore why bother implementing a strategy?

It is true that slots are completely random, but that does not mean you cannot make some subtle changes to the way you play slots to improve your ROI. My slots strategy is not a ‘winning slots strategy’, but nonetheless, it is a method that has helped me reduce my losses by an estimated 40%.

I am not claiming to be a slots winner, but I am a slots guru. Overall I am most certainly down since I began started playing slots. I would also say that 3 out of 12 months per year I burn through my entire month’s cash flow. Roughly 3 months a year I break even, 3 months I will come out with a profit and the remaining 3 months I end up down on my starting amount, but I still have money my casino account.

This is a marked improvement on when I first started playing slots. At that time I had no understanding of how slots worked, no idea what that house edge was on any of the slots I was playing, and I definitely did not have any kind of consistent strategy.

Fast forward to now, and after reading up on a few slot strategies (some good and some absolutely awful), failing miserably because either I have no discipline or the strategy was just simply BS, I have thankfully picked up on some great slots tips that have reduced my losses by at least 40%.

As you might have already guessed, this is not a winning slots strategy guide or surefire way to land you that elusive life-changing jackpot, which I have never own either by the way, but this is a guide to help you become a better slots player by implementing some common sense into the way you play slots.


Here are some of the important lessons I learned to improve my slots ROI


  1. First, you need to know how slots work

There are two key elements to any slot that you need to understand. Once you understand how a slot works, then you can begin to implement some simple strategies to help you at least improve your ROI.

Slots are random because they use a random number generator also known as an RNG. Online slots and land-based video slots use an algorithmic string of code for their RNG; while the older classic slots and fruities wit electronic or physical reels use a built-in a computer chip that is effectively its RNG.

Every spin on a slot is due to random number generator

An RNG’s job is to make sure that each reel stops spinning by triggering a random stop signal. That is all there is to it. The sting of code is obviously more complicated to explain, however, the job of the RNG is as simple as this. This is why every spin is completely random.

In order to fully understand how slots work, continue reading the next section covering the concept of RTP.

  1. Know the RTP of the slots you play

Now you know how RNGs work, another useful fact about slots that you need to understand is the house edge known as ‘Return to Player’. Abbreviated, this is known as the RTP. Every slot has an RTP that is donated in a percentage. For example, if you play NetEnts Medussa 2 slot, the house will have a 3% edge because the slot’s RTP is 97%.

Most land-based slots do not tell you what the RTP is, but online slots do. This is actually why one part of my strategy to increase my ROI playing slots is:

Avoid playing land-based slots

You can read more about why you should avoid playing land-based slots here.

RTP is calculated using several factors:

  • the number of symbols on the slot
  • the number of reels
  • payout amounts for those symbols
  • how many positions there are for symbols on each reel

These are just a few of the variables used in a complex mathematical algorithm that calculates the RTP of a slot. Using these variables, the mathematical equation applies will calculate the probability of a certain symbol combination or feature bonus landing on the reels over time. This then results in a numeric decimal figure, which is converted to a percentage thus providing us with an RTP.

Only Play Slots with High RTP

It does not take a genius to figure out that you should not be playing slots that offer a low RTP. That would be a similar concept to taking a job as a burger assistant in McDonald's after paying out a fortune for a doctorates degree in medicine – the math doesn’t work.

I tend to avoid progressive jackpot slots because they come with a lower RTP

Aside from land-based slots, progressive jackpot slots are also money guzzlers. The RTP on most progressive slots it much lower than on a fixed jackpot slot. This is probably because a percentage of every bet is contributed to the progressive jackpot. The slot then loses no money because the progressive jackpot is effectively a culmination of everyone else’s spin bets, which is shared to one lucky winner.

  1. Understand the concept of ROI

Why do I mention improving my Return on Investment (ROI)? Well, this term can be confused with the word profit. An ROI can be a loss. All that is happening with a negative ROI is your return is less than your outlay. To sum this up quickly, your ROI is whatever the number of your total returns are they more than your original investment and therefore a profit, or less than your investment and therefore a loss.

It is surprising how many people I talk to assume that ROI automatically means profit. Therefore, when they see a strategy article or guide saying ‘improve your ROI’, they instantly assume the article or guide’s focus is on how to make a profit – I do believe the casino industry actually plays on this fact quite a lot.

The meaning of ROI does not mean profit

If a business has a negative ROI, then their ultimate goal is to improve that ROI. Eventually, that business will hope to improve their ROI to a point that it is more than their original outlay and thus the business is making a profit and can continue to run without the risk of bankruptcy or liquidation. You should have a similar attitude when playing slots. This means being realistic.

I hate to break it to you, and if you have not already discovered this, you will rarely make a profit in the long run playing slots

Be honest with yourself, because slots are there to make money and not give money away. As long as you grasp the concepts that slots are there to make money, you are fine with losing money playing slots, and you understand the meaning of the term RPI, then you are ready to form a solid slots strategy.

When you form a strategy to improve your ROI, you should be asking yourself:

How can I reduce my losses playing slots?

Do not try to apply any strategy thinking how you can make a profit. You should only be playing slots as a hobby and a hobby costs money. That means dedicating a set budget and forming a bet sizing strategy and using other strategies to make sure that you are reducing the risk of loss and increasing your ROI.

An Overview of what you have learned:

After reading this article, you should have learned that playing slots with a high RTP is essential to reducing your losses, which will improve your current ROI if you are not already using this strategy. You should also now understand how slots work and that every spin is random plus there is always a house edge in favour of the slots, so the chances of making a profit playing online slots are low.

You should also now start avoiding progressive slots and land-based slots. Overall using this simple strategy you will be able to improve your ROI because you are reducing the house edge using RTP as your guide to success.

Further reading is suggested when it comes to creating a monthly budget as well as bet sizing for each spin bet – both these concepts will help you further improve your ROI and slot strategy.